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The Art of Time
October 18,2009, Maggie Dyer

Switzerland’s finest watch brands are works of art.

Mechanical watches are more like artful machines.

Think, for example, the watches in Noy’s Diamonds line. The line consists of five models, all with a graphics appeal. The dial displays computer-generated dots and concetric circles and evokes an Art Deco-meets-the Information-Age sensibility.

Watch manufacturers advise people to have their mechanical watches serviced regularly even if they’re working fine. Why is that?
December 28,2008, Gina McLaughlin

Just like a car, a mechanical watch needs to be lubricated regularly to keep it running smoothly. Over time, the oil will deteriorate, and friction between the movement’s parts will increase, causing abrasion and making the watch less accurate. In addition, the friction can create a very fine dust that will itself act as an abrasive on the watch movement parts.

How often does a mechanical watch need to be serviced?
December 28, 2008, Gina McLaughlin

Manufacturer’s recommendations vary, but most range from every three to five years.

What happens to the watch when it goes in to be serviced?
December 28,2008, Gina McLaughlin

The watch is taken apart, and the bracelet and case are cleaned ultrasonically, and then polished. The pieces of the movement are cleaned chemically and examined. Worn parts are replaced. The movement is then reassembled, lubricated, and regulated. Then, if the watch is water resistant, it is tested for water resistance.