Nancy and Alan

Nancy and Alan had already picked out an engagement ring, and Nancy did not think that there were any surprises left. But Alan wanted to do something unique for his formal proposal of marriage.

Nancy and Alan at their wedding in December 2008
Nancy & Alan on their wedding day in December of 2008.

Nancy collects “water pens,” which are pens with floating scenes in the barrel. Alan decided to have a very special water pen custom made, showing a floating photo of Nancy’s engagement ring and another photo of a left hand inside the barrel of the pen. When the barrel of the pen is tilted, the ring floats towards the hand. When the pen is turned over, the barrel reads “Nancy, will you marry me?”

Alan picked up Nancy’s finished engagement ring from Roman Jewelers, but he did not tell Nancy that he had it. They went for a bike ride at her mother’s house, and as they sat resting on the porch afterwards, Nancy talked about her work at the “Make A Wish” Foundation. Alan said that she could fulfill yet another wish with this magic wand, and he handed her the pen. Then he formally proposed and put the engagement ring on her finger.

Nancy still cannot tell this story without holding back tears – she was so touched by the sentiment of Alan’s proposal.

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Frank and Carolina

Frank and Carolina came from two different parts of the world (she came from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and he grew up at the Jersey Shore). Carolina came to the United States to study art, and when she and Frank met on Long Beach Island, they soon realized how much they had in common. They knew that they were meant to spend the rest of their lives together.

Caroline laying on the ground by many little white boxes
Carolina is exhausted after opening all of the little white boxes on the day of Frank’s proposal.

Frank wanted to surprise Carolina with a proposal and an engagement ring. On December 21, 2008, when Carolina arrived at his parent’s house in the afternoon for a family Christmas party that evening, Frank had a special candlelit lunch ready for her, along with a huge bouquet of roses.

After they finished the lunch, he gave her a white box with a note telling her that he had hidden 10 little white boxes with red bows on top for her all over the house. She found the boxes, and each one contained a note telling her a reason why he loves her. The last box had a note saying that there was a special gift for her in a little white box with a white bow on it. The Christmas tree was decorated with almost 100 white ring boxes with white bows! Carolina opened all of the boxes, and all were empty.

Then Frank told Carolina to look in her Christmas stocking, where she found another white box. She opened it, thinking it was yet another clue. But, to her amazement, he box contained her engagement ring from Roman Jewelers and a note asking “Will you marry me?” She cried and said yes, and now Carolina and Frank are planning their wedding.

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Ally and Nick

Ally and Nick kissing on the dance floor on their wedding day
Ally and Nick on the dance floor at their wedding reception in February, 2009.

Ally is one of our managers at Roman Jewelers in Flemington. She is always doing something nice for someone, so we were all delighted to hear about her engagement.

Ally and Nick first met in kindergarten. After a long telephone conversation over spring break in the eighth grade, they became close friends. They dated off and on (mainly on) throughout high school and afterwards, and they always stayed in touch.

In 2008, Nick secretly worked with one of the designers at the Flemington Roman Jewelers to create a truly beautiful engagement ring for Ally. All of the Roman Jewelers employees waited anxiously for the surprise proposal. Nick proposed to Ally at her parents’ home in February of 2008, and they were recently married in February of 2009. Their spectacular fairy-tale wedding was a very special event for all of us at Roman Jewelers.

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