Flemington Jewelry Store Helping Men Do Their Valentine’s Day Shopping: Offering Tips on Picking Jewelry (February 2, 2007 Flemington, NJ)  Valentine’s Day is upon us, which means romance is in the air.  Many men are planning to buy their significant other a special piece of jewelry, but are not sure where to start.  Roman Jewelers in Flemington is taking the guesswork out of it by offering tips on how to pick the perfect piece of jewelry for someone special.

Sophie Shor, Vice President of Roman Jewelers, says, “Women always enjoy receiving jewelry, especially on the most romantic day of all – Valentine’s Day.  We find that many men are intimidated heading into a jewelry store.  These ideas and tips may help them to select a gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.”

Shor offers five tips for selecting a piece of jewelry:

Make sure the jewelry suits her lifestyle – If she leads an active life, has young children or spends a great deal of time outdoors, you may want to choose something with a simple design.  If she dresses casually, you can give her a piece that fits her style.  Or, if she dresses up frequently, she may prefer a piece of jewelry that is more formal.

Know what she likes – It helps to know if she has a preference for colored stones, diamonds or metal jewelry.

Add to current set – If she already has a piece or two from one set of jewelry, you can add to that set.  For example, if she already has a matching bracelet and necklace, you could give her the earrings.

Start a new set – Another option is to give her a necklace, bracelet or earrings that are part of a new set which you can add to later.

Match jewelry to her coloring and stature – Use the color of her hair and skin to guide you in selecting flattering designs and colors.  Her stature is important when choosing chain lengths and stone sizes.

Roman Jewelers is a family owned and operated store with locations in Flemington and the Bridgewater Commons Shopping Mall in Bridgewater. Roman Jewelers specializes in custom jewelry design, fine jewelry including diamond and bridal jewelry and offers a wide selection of Swiss watches as well as gift items. For more information, call 908-782-8240 or visit

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