Advice on Buying that Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring from Scott Kay Bridal, available at Roman Jewelers
Engagement Ring from Scott Kay Bridal, available at Roman Jewelers

By Guest Blogger:  Sandy Heimberg

What a joy it is to choose an engagement ring! What a happy event—one of life’s defining moments! Oh, really, you say, well it is also scary, stressful and very expensive. Well, my answer is that it doesn’t have to be. Not if you do it the way that is best for you and your intended. Advice on buying an engagment ring…

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Micro-Pave’ Beauties

Pave-set diamond ringYou all heard of pave’ setting, a technique in which small diamonds are set close to each other into metal, creating a look of a “shiny river of diamonds”.

Today’s jewelers  and designers use a new technique called micro-pave’. In that technique, much smaller diamonds that the ones used in a pave’ setting are set so close to each other that you can hardly see any metal in-between the diamonds at all. The effect is simply stunning, but this style is very labor-intensive.

Just think of all these tiny diamonds being set directly into the metal. It’s hard, but the final result is worth it!

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Plain platinum wedding bandNever since the dawn of the 20th century has this icy white metal been so hot – and it’s a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. Thanks to the new technological advances in jewelry manufacturing that are being used today, more and more designers are working with platinum. The new high-tech manufacturing allows the designers to create pieces that previously were impossible.

Platinum is the world’s strongest precious metal. It is simply whispering to the jewelers, “I am the metal of strength and beauty. I am the perfect choice for delicate, lacy designs that are nevertheless strong and durable.”  And the designers are listening.

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Platinum Perfect

Two platinum engagement rings and a platinum wedding bandPlatinum is a rare metal with unique characteristics that make it an irresistible jewelry choice.  Due to platinum’s pure nature, it is naturally hypoallergenic, which makes it the perfect option for those with sensitive skin.  Best of all, its brilliant shine makes diamonds pop.  This makes platinum the ultimate preference for engagement and wedding rings. Purer than both gold and silver, it never fades, and never tarnishes.  Your platinum jewelry will undoubtedly become a most envied heirloom.

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White or Yellow?

White and yellow gold drop circle earringsWhen it seems that everyone is buying white metals, why purchase a piece in yellow gold?

Europe creates jewelry trends, and one of the leading trends in Europe now is yellow gold jewelry. As this trend continues to make its way to the United States,why not be a trendsetter? You can integrate yellow gold into your white gold jewelry wardrobe by first adding two-tone (yellow and gold) pieces to what you now own. And remember, you can mix and match. In fact, mixing can be a more interesting and fashionable look than matching!

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Does Your Jewelry Tarnish?

A tarnished strip of goldGold and platinum are among the word’s most tarnish-resistant metals.

Then why is it that sometimes the gold jewelry leaves a black smudge on the skin? What is going on? Actually, it is not the gold that leaves that black smudge. It is the skin’s oil and cosmetics reacting with the gold alloys. What is the solution? Simple: clean your jewelry often and switch the brand of your lotion and cosmetics.

Silver does tarnish because it reacts to particles in the air (sulphur, in particular).  This tarnish is a micro-thin coating and not deterioration of silver, and can be easily wiped away. Higher end silver jewelry is coated with a tarnish-resistant thin layer of rhodium which prevents silver from tarnishing.

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Are Pearls for Everyday Wear?

3 pearls-- two white and one blackAre pearls for everyday wear? You bet they are. No longer do we associate those beautiful, lustrous gems only with getting “all dressed up.” A strand of pearls can even be worn with jeans and a crisp white shirt.

Pearls that are spaced out on a strand with gold chain between the pearls would be another modern interpretation. A pearl stud earring is a great alternative to a diamond stud . There are so many sizes and hues available. And what could be more brilliant and flattering than a pearl pendant with a diamond accent framing a woman’s face?

Pearls can also be surprisingly affordable since there are so many varieties. What a unique, organic gem!

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What is Luxury?

Stack of diamond wedding bandsTo me, luxury is the best of everything. When it comes to jewelry, it is the level of pride and craftsmanship that the jeweler puts into every piece of jewelry he or she makes. It feels absolutely wonderful even to hold that piece of jewelry where every little detail is carefully attended to. You are special and so should your jewelry be.

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