Buyer Beware!

diamond studded white gold braceletI’ve been thinking; what is it that makes people believe that spending $399 on a 3-carat diamond tennis bracelet is a good deal? Why will people study the Consumer Report to understand the quality of a vacuum cleaner they are about to purchase, but will not take some time to learn more about diamonds when considering making an important diamond purchase?

Last Christmas, a young man stopped at my store and asked me to clean the new bracelet he bought for his wife from a department store. He said the price was so attractive that he could not resist purchasing it. Of course, I cleaned the bracelet. It still did not sparkle. He asked me to leave it in the ultrasonic for a few more minutes. I did, and the bracelet did not look any better. I explained that the diamond quality is what makes the difference in brilliance of the diamonds.

So, is spending $399 on a 3 carat tennis bracelet a good deal? Buyer beware!

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