Circle of Life. The perfect jewelry gift.

Circle of Life Roberto Coin
Roberto Coin's Circle of Life Necklace at Roman Jewelers

When it comes to fashion and jewelry, what do Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton and Carrie Underwood have in common? All of these celebrities were seen wearing a simple necklace — a circle, and its meaning encompasses the meaning of life. The necklace is called a Circle of Life, a combination of simplicity, elegance, and meaning.

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First-Time Engagement Ring Buyer

“Reserved for a Nervous First-Time Engagement Ring Buyer,” reads a sign in one of our parking spots in front of our jewelry store, Roman Jewelers in Flemington, NJ. I am not kidding; we actually do have such a sign. We installed it because we wanted to eliminate one more stressful moment in the engagement-ring -purchaser’s life – looking for a parking spot.

There is a lot of anxiety associated with an engagement ring purchase. Well, let’s face it, diamonds are expensive. And what about the setting for the diamond? Shape, style, price; these are just a few of the decisions to be made.  

Where does an engagement ring purchaser usually start? Years ago, the answer would have been “New York, 47th Street (if you live on the East Coast). Today, it is the Internet (regardless of where you live). When it comes to diamonds, education is the key. How you acquire the knowledge about diamonds, is up to you. Libraries, bookstores, numerous web sites, retail jewelry stores, or friends who already went through a diamond-search process. From all of these sources you can find enough information about diamonds to become a gemologist!

So, now you are ready, you are prepared, you acquired enough knowledge, right? The jeweler places the diamond for you under the microscope and… everything you learned about diamonds and thought you understood simply evaporates. Where is that inclusion? Why can’t you see it? And the girdle, where is the girdle? Facets; there should be fifty-eight of them. Are they all there?

Of course, the lab grading report is a tremendous help.  Highly trained professionals did the homework for you and listed the color grade, clarity, polish and symmetry, diamond proportions, culet and girdle description, and diamond fluorescence for you.

However, diamond grading reports don’t tell you the whole story; they simply cannot. Two diamonds with very similar grading grades will look different. Just like two people with similar physical characteristics; hair color, eye color, height, weight, and age might be the similar, but do they indicate that we are talking here about twins?

Your biggest help will come from the knowledgeable, talented, and passionate about diamonds staff of a retail store.  Ask questions, listen carefully to explanations, look at the diamond under the microscope, compare diamonds with similar grading characteristics, and pick the one that “speaks to you”.

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Custom Jewelry as Unique as She Is!

Custom designed stud earrings
Personal and Beautiful Custom Deisgned Earrings from Roman Jewelers

Whose initials are DJM?

They belong to one of the customer’s of Roman Jewelers. Her husband asked us to make a pair of unique, one-of-a-kind custom cluster diamond earrings for her, but with a caveat; he wanted to incorporate her initials into the design. He also wanted a classic design along with a cluster of diamonds set so closely together that they would look like one large round diamond.

How does a custom  jewelry designer satisfy both requests? A classic cluster of diamonds comprising a circle of diamonds and three initials; all in one design? Is it even possible? For an experienced jeweler familiar with custom design challenges, it is!

And here is a solution we came up with. The front of the earring is a cluster of diamonds set with a technique we call “invisible setting”.  With this technique the diamonds are set very, very close to each other, with prongs visible only on the circumference of the earring. Look at the image very closely; you really cannot see the prongs between the diamonds in the center of the earring.

Now, to the interesting part. Turn the earring upside-down and look at the back.  Do you see the three initials on the back of the earring? We cut the initials right into the metal on the back.

What do these initials stand for? They represent the first letters of the first, middle, and last name of the wife of the gentleman who ordered these earrings.

But to me, they also carry a hidden message, “I love you. I want you to have a truly unique piece of jewelry. They were made especially for you, and only with you in mind. Wear them in good health.”

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A bit of bling, but countless classics–Jewelry at the Oscars!

Custom designed diamond pendant
Custom Designed Diamond Necklace by Roman Jewelers

The red carpet is the best part of the Oscars for most of us. In fact, the Oscar fashion trends set the stage for what we will be seeing in magazines and the stores for the next year!

As jewelers, we pay attention! We need to know what our fashion-forward customers are going to come looking for and we do not want to disappoint them. So here are a few of our notes from the 82nd Oscars.

The jewelry worn at the Oscars—with the exception of a few ladies who opted for chandelier earrings—was overall, classic diamond jewelry. From simple studs to drops to cluster versions, many stars wore diamond earrings along with a matching diamond bracelet. Take our big winners, and my favorite, Sandra Bullock. She wore her own diamond earrings and matching bracelet (this is a big deal considering almost all of the others borrow from the top designers).  Director, Kathryn Bigelow, paired diamond stud earrings with a matching pear-cut and round pave diamond bracelet.

Maggie Gyllenhaal accented her floral dress with a vintage 1940s diamond and platinum bracelet featuring emerald and sapphire, plus 19th century diamond and ivory “Calla Lily” earrings. Cherlize Theron also went vintage with a marquise diamond and platinum bracelet and diamond and platinum cluster earrings.

The yellow diamond trend also continued with Best Supporting Actress Mo’Nique, who selected a princess-cut yellow diamond tennis bracelet, radiant-cut light yellow diamond line bracelet and radiant-cut fancy yellow and colorless diamond earrings to wear with her sapphire blue gown. Kate Winslet wore a yellow diamond necklace created exclusively for her by Tiffany, but we have a similar one right here at Roman Jewelers! Yellow diamonds are classy, rare, and a true statement about a personality. We love them here.

The best part is that these looks are really easy for consumers to emulate and accessorize with their own everyday and night-out looks because diamond jewelry goes with everything! Pull out some of your own diamond treasures, come in to Roman Jewelers and get them polished or refashioned. While you’re here you can see the new latest diamond looks, too! Most of all…enjoy your diamond jewelry. It is fashionable and smart.

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Cullinan Heritage A Rare Diamond and A Rare Sale

Close up of a man holding up a rare 507.55 carat diamond
a rare 507.55 carat diamond, of exclusive color and clarity found in South Africa

What would you do if you had $35.3 million just sitting around, waiting for a great opportunity to be presented to you? Would you spend it on a rare magnificent diamond?

Last September, a London-based Petra Diamonds Company unearthed at its Cullinan mine in South Africa a 507.55 carats rough diamond, dubbed the “Cullinan Heratige”. Today, they sold the diamond to a Hong Kong-based Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Company Ltd., at a tender in South Africa, for $35.3 million, the highest sale price on record ever achieved for a rough diamond.

Why such a high price? This price is a reflection of the incredible rarity of the diamond of that size, color, and clarity.

Now, a little bit of statistics: at 507.55 carats, the Cullinan Heritage is among the world’s 20 largest high-quality gems of rough unearthed in history and is one of many important diamonds to come out of the South African Cullinan mine, which was once owned by De Beers. Other extraordinary diamonds found at the mine include the “Cullinan,” which at 3,106 carats is the largest ever gem-quality rough diamond ever found, the “Golden Jubilee” at 755 carats rough and “The Centenary,” at 599 carats rough.This diamond is truly a rare find.

You can find more information about diamonds at Roman Jewelers, in Flemington and Bridgewater, NJ.

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Gregg Ruth

Two large diamond engagement ringsNew Gregg Ruth pieces have arrived!  Known for his fusion of a unique style of diamond settings and big bold pieces, this ring (left), brings both together more powerfully than I have seen in a VERY long time. Unlike other pieces with shared settings, this piece takes the whole concept to the next level. Stones of different sizes sit together to create a completely full diamond look that is breathtaking in both its design a presence on the finger. A definite show stopper.

In addition to the huge look at the center of the ring, this bold design is flanked by precision set diamonds that complete the ring as a truly BOLD presentation of diamonds. Call now for an appointment, or walk in while this piece is still in our Gregg Ruth showcase.

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Happy Valentine’s Day


Close up of a plain white gold heart pendant on a chain
Say “I love you” with jewelry from Roman Jewelers

Let’s celebrate love and romance, let’s celebrate the most romantic of all the holidays, and let’s make it special!

Let’s start with the matters of the heart. Oh, the heart… The heart symbol is eternally connected with Valentine’s Day.  Chocolate hearts, red silk hearts, heart-shaped balloons and, of course, jewelry in the heart shape; all of these hearts are here to whisper, “I love you.”

For us, Valentine’s Day is the time to design and make one-of-a-kind hearts. In gold and platinum, with diamonds or without, with birthstones, with engraving, with emeralds or rubies; and every single one is different. What do all of these hearts have in common? They are designed and made with love, they are unique just as your love is, and they are forever.

Don’t miss this opportunity to share your feelings with someone you treasure. Open your heart. It’s Valentine’s Day!

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Modern Looks and Vintage Favorites at the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards

Close up of Drew Barrymore on the red carpet
Jewelry Fashionistas look to Drew Barrymore

Do you prefer the jewelry looks from the golden days of Hollywood or the new, forward-thinking jewelry fashions of the Trendsetter crowd? At the recent Golden Globe awards, viewers saw both.

Sandra Bullock was the big star of the night, winning best actress in a drama for her role in The Blind Side (for which her character was quite a jewelry trend setter, too). Sandra wore a beautiful purple gown and paired it with gray diamond earrings, weighing 40 carets! Colored diamonds have been emerging in fashion more every year, with yellow fancy colored, champagne, and now gray. There was a time when these diamonds were considered unacceptable to even enter the market, but now, thanks to designers and fashion icons like Sandra Bullock, the exposure to the beauty of colored diamonds has grown and become appreciated.

Drew Barrymore also went for a modern diamond look with 20-carat diamond stud earrings and a diamond and moonstone ring, 80 carats. She won the best actress award for the best movie or miniseries.

On the other hand, The Good Wife star Julianna Margulies, who won for best actress in a television drama, went for a timeless, vintage look with pear-shaped diamond drop earrings; Nicole Kidman broke from the crowd with a 19th century diamond bow brooch, plus platinum bracelets with diamonds and emeralds; and newcomer Carey Mulligan (a best actress nominee for the film An Education) donned  3.5-carat, pear-shaped, old-mine-cut diamond drop earrings; a 19th century diamond riviere necklace with 20 carats of diamonds, which she opted to wear in her hair; a 19th century, pear-shaped diamond crown ring; and a 19th century diamond swallow cuff bracelet.

You know the saying — diamonds are still a girl’s best friend no matter the color, shape or size.

Another notable contribution Chloe Sevigny’s marquis-shaped diamond ring in yellow gold! In a sea of white metal, the yellow gold stood out and made a beautiful statement. Marco Bicego is a designer with plenty of fashionable yellow gold designs and much more affordable prices.

And let’s not totally forget the men. Among them, jeweled cuff links abounded. True Blood actor Ryan Kwanten walked the red carpet in a pair of 7.65-carat natural rough diamond cuff links! For the men that like the look but don’t want to mortgage their homes, cuff-link options especially from Scott Kay are affordable and fashionable and will make any guy more fashionable.

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Micro-Pave’ Beauties

Pave-set diamond ringYou all heard of pave’ setting, a technique in which small diamonds are set close to each other into metal, creating a look of a “shiny river of diamonds”.

Today’s jewelers  and designers use a new technique called micro-pave’. In that technique, much smaller diamonds that the ones used in a pave’ setting are set so close to each other that you can hardly see any metal in-between the diamonds at all. The effect is simply stunning, but this style is very labor-intensive.

Just think of all these tiny diamonds being set directly into the metal. It’s hard, but the final result is worth it!

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Three-Stone Ring – Here to stay?

3-Stone white gold engagement ringAre the three-stone rings here to stay?

I am sure the answer is “Yes”. The classic ring with three diamonds (One center-stone flanked by two, usually smaller diamonds, on each side) makes a perfect anniversary band.

The ring is a symbol of past, present, and future.  It is exactly what every woman is looking for, because the ring also symbolizes love, friendship, and fidelity.

This classic is here to stay.

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New Sparkle for Diamond Studs

Close up of diamond stud earringsDiamond studs never go out of style.  But, if you would like to add a very special sparkle to your diamond stud earrings, you can have a circular “jacket” made to surround each diamond with a circle of either pavé or smaller prong-set diamonds.  This will allow you to add even more impact to your beautiful stones on special occasions.  Another way to customize your diamond studs is to put them into a bezel setting that also has a circle of diamonds or other gemstones like sapphires or rubies.

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Hoop Earrings – Here to Stay

White gold diamond hoop earringsSpeaking about classics – hoop earrings make a truly glamorous classic fashion statement. And celebrities are not shy about spotlighting their hoops with every step they make along the red carpet.

At the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards last night in Los Angeles, actresses including Angelina Jolie, Christina Applegate and Jane Krakowski all wore hoops ranging from dramatic 22-Karat yellow gold hoops with ruby accents and heavy diamond drop-style hoops to more modest diamond studded styles.

No matter where the fashion world takes us, hoops are here to stay. Whether simple gold hoops or inside-out hoops with diamonds all the way around, hoop earrings are versatile enough to be worn with any almost any outfit for any occasion.

My personal favorites are white gold, sparkling diamond hoops from Roberto Coin.

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Romance in Your Future?

Diamond wedding band and engagement ringRemember the adage: everything old is new again? Well, when it comes to jewelry, the vintage-inspired designs are a favored theme for so many jewelry designers. The feminine flair of vintage design is not only popular in engagement ring and wedding band styles, but is also a prominent fashion element. It is so romantic….just as we women are.

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