The Test of Time

Model wearing a white cocktail dress with a black waistbandMy favorite dress is a classic black cocktail dress for special occasions. My everyday favorite outfit is a timeless cashmere twin set. I love both because this type of clothing is versatile and easy to dress up or down, depending on the occasion.

For the ultimate in versatility, however, we look to jewelry to give our clothes a completely different look.  Just put on a diamond necklace, and your basic cashmere twin set sparkles too, and you are ready for a night out.  Add polish to a denim outfit by wearing a distinctive gold necklace and a pair of gold earrings.  A pearl necklace adds elegance to a silk or cashmere dress, and even a business suit.

Classic jewelry, just like a little black dress, will withstand the test of time.

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Buyer Beware!

diamond studded white gold braceletI’ve been thinking; what is it that makes people believe that spending $399 on a 3-carat diamond tennis bracelet is a good deal? Why will people study the Consumer Report to understand the quality of a vacuum cleaner they are about to purchase, but will not take some time to learn more about diamonds when considering making an important diamond purchase?

Last Christmas, a young man stopped at my store and asked me to clean the new bracelet he bought for his wife from a department store. He said the price was so attractive that he could not resist purchasing it. Of course, I cleaned the bracelet. It still did not sparkle. He asked me to leave it in the ultrasonic for a few more minutes. I did, and the bracelet did not look any better. I explained that the diamond quality is what makes the difference in brilliance of the diamonds.

So, is spending $399 on a 3 carat tennis bracelet a good deal? Buyer beware!

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