Discover the Bold Femininity of LAGOS, Now Available at Roman Jewelers in Bridgewater


Lagos silver caviar bracelet
More than an attractive accent, the Lagos crest signifies the true integrity of each piece it adorns.

Roman Jewelers in Bridgewater is pleased to announce the addition of LAGOS, to our collection of fine jewelry brands. It is handcrafted with a particular woman in mind. She radiates with grace, poise and effortless beauty. Her unique blend of strength and sophistication conveys a bold femininity. She remains true to herself and has the confidence to create her own signature look. Come in and see for yourself why her jewelry says it all : MY LAGOS MY WAY.

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A Personal & Perfect Gift, Everflowers by Allyson

Roman Jewelers' exclusive design, everflowersThree Everflowers by Allyson, worn on a 14k gold chain

Looking for the perfect gift for her? Allyson, our jewelry designer at Roman Jewelers in Flemington, has created a special piece of jewelry that will give your wife, mother or grandmother something meaningful to enjoy and cherish. It is called Everflowers by Allyson.

The idea behind Everflowers is that these beautiful flowers last forever and are created with whatever center stone you’d like, then strung on a necklace or bracelet. Does she love sapphires? Is your son’s birthstone emerald? Maybe she wants her family of four represented proudly. It gives her the opportunity to talk about those she loves because Everflowers is a conversation piece, too.

Allyson created Everflowers because her customers often come to her for something “personal” but not “popular.”  They want something unique that isn’t seen on anyone else. This is accomplished not only by the personalization of the stone, but also because of the fact that Everflowers is only available at Roman Jewelers and it is not mass-produced, but rather hand-made right here in our shop in Flemington, NJ.

“We started it at Mother’s Day and it has brought great joy,” said Allyson. She was surprised and humbled by the positive feedback and stories she heard from Moms about the few pieces she had created. “With that type of positive feedback, we wanted to move forward with a line of product that we could call our own, and she could call her own.”

Everflowers is created with any stone that the customer chooses and in any metal they’d like. One of our customers did decide to string “her kids” on a beautiful 14k gold chain, and another chose to attach the flowers to a bracelet, like charms. Whatever idea you choose, we will create and cast individually so it is required that you come visit us, take a look at our samples and provide adequate time to create the custom flower(s).

So, next time, if you are considering flowers, maybe you should come to Roman Jewelers to see the flowers that last forever.

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Roman Jewelers Summer News

Michele Tahitian Jewllybean watch
Come into Roman Jewelers for a chance to win a Tahitian Jellybean watch

There is so much going on at Roman Jewelers this Summer, including the addition of Honora to our collection, the Michele watch contest and the upcoming Trade Up and Refashion Diamond Event. Summer will be hot, hot, hot in Central Jersey.

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Meet Miss Chamilia!

Miss Chamilia
Just in Time for Spring

Miss Chamilia has arrived in Flemington & Bridgewater just in time for Spring and every girl is going to blossom with excitement. The newest collection from Chamilia is designed especially for girls and appeals to their fashion sense and interests.

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SK Cobalt comes to Flemington

SK Cobalt ring
SK Cobalt available at Roman Jewelers, Flemington

Next week, Roman Jewelers will be adding the SK Cobalt collection of men’s wedding bands to their collection.  Scott Kay, creator of the line calls cobalt, “The most superior contemporary metal known to man” and according to his company, the cobalt used in creating the rings, BioBlu 27, is by far the most sophisticated, safe, white, hypoallergenic, 100% solid, scratch-resistant and luxurious cobalt alloy in the world. SK Cobalt jewelry and cobalt bands evoke strength, masculinity, and personal style.

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Celebrities took to the Red Carpet wearing TACORI

Tacori Earrings
The Mentalist beauty, Amanda Righetti, in Tacori

Celebrities took to the Red Carpet wearing TACORI this weekend for events surrounding the glamorous Primetime Emmy Awards!  Betsy Brandt (Breaking Bad – ‘Marie Schrader’), Amanda Righetti (The Mentalist – ‘Grace Van Pelt’), Autumn Reeser (Entourage – ‘Lizzie Grant’), Tenley (The Bachelor and The Bachelor Pad) and Whitney Port (The City) all sparkled in fabulous TACORI jewels.

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Tacori 18k925 Arrives!

Tacori logo above a martini glass filled with Tacori jewelryStylish and playful, with color-filled gemstones and unique details, the Tacori 18k925 Collection is an elegant, modern take on iconic glamour.  See which celebrities and magazines have already cracked open the jewel box to play dress up with these unique designs.

The 18k925 name refers to the sleek metal combination of 18k gold and .925 silver that characterize these pieces, making each design bold, significant and special.  Diamonds, colorful gemstones, exquisite quartz and creative doublets set this collection apart from any other.  Tacori’s signature crescent motif of half-moon arcs are elegantly incorporated into virtually all of the 18k925 designs, accompanied by the golden “gem seal” for the extra Tacori touch.

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Custom Jewelry as Unique as She Is!

Custom designed stud earrings
Personal and Beautiful Custom Deisgned Earrings from Roman Jewelers

Whose initials are DJM?

They belong to one of the customer’s of Roman Jewelers. Her husband asked us to make a pair of unique, one-of-a-kind custom cluster diamond earrings for her, but with a caveat; he wanted to incorporate her initials into the design. He also wanted a classic design along with a cluster of diamonds set so closely together that they would look like one large round diamond.

How does a custom  jewelry designer satisfy both requests? A classic cluster of diamonds comprising a circle of diamonds and three initials; all in one design? Is it even possible? For an experienced jeweler familiar with custom design challenges, it is!

And here is a solution we came up with. The front of the earring is a cluster of diamonds set with a technique we call “invisible setting”.  With this technique the diamonds are set very, very close to each other, with prongs visible only on the circumference of the earring. Look at the image very closely; you really cannot see the prongs between the diamonds in the center of the earring.

Now, to the interesting part. Turn the earring upside-down and look at the back.  Do you see the three initials on the back of the earring? We cut the initials right into the metal on the back.

What do these initials stand for? They represent the first letters of the first, middle, and last name of the wife of the gentleman who ordered these earrings.

But to me, they also carry a hidden message, “I love you. I want you to have a truly unique piece of jewelry. They were made especially for you, and only with you in mind. Wear them in good health.”

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Gregg Ruth

Two large diamond engagement ringsNew Gregg Ruth pieces have arrived!  Known for his fusion of a unique style of diamond settings and big bold pieces, this ring (left), brings both together more powerfully than I have seen in a VERY long time. Unlike other pieces with shared settings, this piece takes the whole concept to the next level. Stones of different sizes sit together to create a completely full diamond look that is breathtaking in both its design a presence on the finger. A definite show stopper.

In addition to the huge look at the center of the ring, this bold design is flanked by precision set diamonds that complete the ring as a truly BOLD presentation of diamonds. Call now for an appointment, or walk in while this piece is still in our Gregg Ruth showcase.

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Hidden Ruby

Gold quilt-pattern bracelet
From Roberto Coin comes the long tradition of implanting a hidden ruby, “The King of Gems,” into each piece that the company creates.

Why a ruby?

Tradition has it that the ruby has the power to bring piece, to promote a long and happy life, to banish evil and to reconcile disputes. That’s a very powerful incentive to want the stone in direct contact with the skin.

Thus the ruby has become the mark of of each Roberto coin jewel – and a secret gift of good wishes to every woman who wears one of a Roberto Coin’s exclusive creations.

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Beads, Charms, and Memories

Chamilia bracelet, beads
Chamilia bracelets available at Roman Jewelers

So take a bracelet or a necklace, and create a unique, just for you and about you piece of jewelry by adding and mixing-and-matching slide-on jewelry beads and charms. The beads are made of silver, 14K or 18K gold, crystal, gemstones, enamel, or Murano glass. It is a true kaleidoscope of you-have-a-memory, we have a bead.

Just came back from a trip to Paris? Remember it with the Eiffel Tower bead. Are you in love? There is an enameled red heart-bead. 

The bracelet or necklace you create has an emotional connection to your life and your dreams. These pieces of jewelry are all about you, they have an emotional connection to the important moments in your life.  

The charm bracelets have a long history; they’ve been around for 400 years. The new trend gives you a chance to express your personal style and tell your personal story.

So what’s your personal story? Take a look at the Chamilia beads and charms that we have to offer at Roman Jewelers in Flemington and Bridgewater Commons Mall, NJ. With over 600 beads to choose from, it’s easy to find the ones that will perfectly match your life story.

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The Fashion “Watch” Now at Roman Jewelers

Silver, square-faced Michele watchTalk about the ultimate fashion watch! Luxury watchmaker, Michele, marries versatility and fine watchmaking to provide the best of both worlds. With brilliant diamond cases, natural mother-of-pearl dials and deco influenced design elements, Michele appeals to the young and fashionable individual that truly appreciates distinctive style.

With exotic and luxurious straps that can be easily interchanged for any occasion, any outfit, or any mood, Michele is also a practical choice for the fashion-forward thinker who likes to have fun. I can’t wait till they get here…

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