Advice on Buying that Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring from Scott Kay Bridal, available at Roman Jewelers
Engagement Ring from Scott Kay Bridal, available at Roman Jewelers

By Guest Blogger:  Sandy Heimberg

What a joy it is to choose an engagement ring! What a happy event—one of life’s defining moments! Oh, really, you say, well it is also scary, stressful and very expensive. Well, my answer is that it doesn’t have to be. Not if you do it the way that is best for you and your intended. Advice on buying an engagment ring…

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One girl’s favorite things–in jewelry, of course!

Diamond Tacori engagement ring and wedding band

Here are a few of my favorite things:

I love jewelry. And here are a few of my favorite things. Of course, we, women, are known for changing our minds and preferences often, but for now…

Favorite watch:  Rolex Datejust

Favorite gem stone: Diamond

Favorite colored stone: Imperial Topaz

Favorite piece of jewelry: Custom designed pink gold earrings

Favorite jewelry designer: Tacori

Favorite metal: Platinum

Favorite charm bracelet: Chamilia

Every time I open my jewelry box and look at my jewelry and watches collection, my favorites stand out to me and I wear them more often than other. What are your favorite pieces of jewelry?

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Plain platinum wedding bandNever since the dawn of the 20th century has this icy white metal been so hot – and it’s a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. Thanks to the new technological advances in jewelry manufacturing that are being used today, more and more designers are working with platinum. The new high-tech manufacturing allows the designers to create pieces that previously were impossible.

Platinum is the world’s strongest precious metal. It is simply whispering to the jewelers, “I am the metal of strength and beauty. I am the perfect choice for delicate, lacy designs that are nevertheless strong and durable.”  And the designers are listening.

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Platinum Perfect

Two platinum engagement rings and a platinum wedding bandPlatinum is a rare metal with unique characteristics that make it an irresistible jewelry choice.  Due to platinum’s pure nature, it is naturally hypoallergenic, which makes it the perfect option for those with sensitive skin.  Best of all, its brilliant shine makes diamonds pop.  This makes platinum the ultimate preference for engagement and wedding rings. Purer than both gold and silver, it never fades, and never tarnishes.  Your platinum jewelry will undoubtedly become a most envied heirloom.

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Platinum in Your Future?

Plain platinum wedding bandI do hope so. Platinum is strong, does not tarnish (however, develops a distinct patina), and doesn’t turn yellow as white gold does. In fact, when used in jewelry, platinum is 95% pure (unlike 18K gold, which is 75% pure), and that is why platinum does not fade or change color. Platinum is certainly a star among the precious metals used in jewelry today.

Since it was first used to create practical objects for the court of Louis XVI in the 1780s, the most remarkable jewelry were later made using platinum by Cartier, Tiffany, Faberge’, and many other jewelers.  Platinum is here to stay and so is your jewelry made out of one of the most rare and durable metals.

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