Chronograph or Chronometer? What is the difference?

Silver men's watch from Breitling's chronomat collection
The Breitling Chronomat Collection is a chronograph and a chronometer and it’s movement is build completely in house by Breitling

Roman Jewelers’ Watch store sells chorongraphs and chronometers. Somehow, our customers know that…even if they don’t know exactly what either word means and how they are different. They also know they don’t have to worry, because not only will our watch experts will fill them in, but they will be able to show them the largest collection of chronographs, chronometers, or both in the area.

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The Fashion “Watch” Now at Roman Jewelers

Silver, square-faced Michele watchTalk about the ultimate fashion watch! Luxury watchmaker, Michele, marries versatility and fine watchmaking to provide the best of both worlds. With brilliant diamond cases, natural mother-of-pearl dials and deco influenced design elements, Michele appeals to the young and fashionable individual that truly appreciates distinctive style.

With exotic and luxurious straps that can be easily interchanged for any occasion, any outfit, or any mood, Michele is also a practical choice for the fashion-forward thinker who likes to have fun. I can’t wait till they get here…

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A Must-Have Accessory

White gold, square-faced watchWhat are two of the most important accessories for a woman of style? One would be a great handbag, and another is a fine timepiece on her wrist. The handbag needs to be beautiful, functional and an expression of the woman herself.  A woman’s watch has the same requirements. It needs to speak for her in a way that is hers alone. Whether it is steel, gold or platinum, with or without diamonds, it can say the wearer is casual chic, elegantly dressy or somewhere in between. And, of course, if she is like most women, she’ll want more than one! After all, women have many moods!

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