Custom Design Work and Faberge Easter Eggs at Roman Jewelers


Winter Egg by Peter Carl Faberge
Winter Egg by Peter Carl Faberge

No, you won’t find Imperial Faberge Easter Eggs at Roman Jewelers!

The Easter Eggs designed and crafted by the Russian jeweler Peter Carl Faberge are extraordinary objects of art given by the last two Russian czars to their czarinas as Easter gifts.

The eggs are masterpieces through which the history of Russia at the end of the 19th century through the Great Russian Revolution of 1917 could be told. They tell a fascinating story of love, privilege, beauty, and the downfall of a Russian dynasty.
Faberge’s Imperial Easter Eggs are the pinnacle of the jeweler’s art.  Every jeweler dreams of achieving the level of craftsmanship that Carl Faberge was able to achieve.

As jewelry designers, we can only strive to reach higher and higher levels in the work that we produce. We can study Faberge’s work and learn from his phenomenal craftsmanship.

And we can love, and we can tell of our love with special words, special gifts and, yes, with a gift of an Easter Egg.

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