Going Green, Getting Stylish

Two strands of white pearlsIn these times every fashion (and environmentally) conscious girl is looking for savvy solutions to keep her jewelry current! So, why not recycle?  Or, as we say in the jewelry business, “restyle”.

Just check your jewelry box and look at all those “old” jewelry pieces. The brooch given to you by your mother contains some beautiful cabochon corals but it has a broken clasp; The cocktail ring with a big emerald that you inherited from your grandmother is so outdated; but that stone sure is to valuable to sell. What about those cluster pearl earrings you used to love “back in the day?”

Some of these pieces are so sentimental to you; they are part of your life and your memories. The others contain valuable metals and stones.

What do you do with all these jewelry pieces?

The answer is quite simple; restyle. Bring all of these jewelry pieces that have been in your jewelry box unused and unworn, back to life.

Most often people restyle their unworn pieces for two reasons: sentimental and financial. Truth is, both are the best reasons!

A jewelry designer will advise you on what is the right thing to do. Sometimes, just a simple fix and a good polish, will make the piece sparkle with new life. Sometimes, the old piece would need to be taken apart and a brand-new piece made using your metals and stones.

You’d be surprised what a little fashion redesigning would do for your outdated jewelry. Best of all, it was a relatively inexpensive fix that will spruce up your wardrobe and make those “old” fashions become “new again.

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