He Needs Some Help to Buy the Right Gift

Black and white photo of a male modelHow do you increase your chances of receiving exactly the right piece of jewelry from your significant other? It’s not as hard as you think.

Yes, he may not know much about jewelry, and he might not have your taste. You can, however, give him help along the way that will aid him tremendously. One great idea is to purchase most of your jewelry at the same store so that the sales associates can look up what you’ve bought there in the past. That information will enable them to make suggestions as to how to fill in the gaps in your jewelry wardrobe or to show new pieces from the same lines that you liked in the past.

Another good idea is to “casually” roam around the store with him on occasion to point out pieces that you like. Or, create a “wish list” at the jewelers, and you will have no problem receiving your dream piece!

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