Hoop Earrings for All Summer Styles

Hoop Earrings, like these choices from John Hardy, are a great Summer pick.

They’ve been worn for thousands of years, and truly have never gone out of style, but magazines and models all over the world are showing them off for Summer 2015….

The hoop earring is truly a classic. You know your Mother has worn them. What about Grandma? Good chance. In fact, women have been wearing them for thousands of years. A solid, gold, classic hoop is to some like a little black dress, but what is great about hoop earrings is that they look good in any metal.  Silver hoops and diamond hoops are big favorites of Roman Jewelers shoppers in Central NJ.

Hoops are also exciting because they are available in so many different sizes. A small hoop look great on a lady with small features and short hair. A longer hoop, works well with either short or long hair. The size of the hoop depends on your personal style, but it can be dressed up or down at any length.  John Hardy incorporates a hoop earring into many of their collections, like Bamboo and Kali and designers from all over the world have embellished hoops with stones, designs and even additional hoops.

Try a classic hoop this Summer and enjoy it forever.

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