An Evening to Remember (May 8, 2006 Flemington, NJ) On Sunday, May 7th, 2006, 26 children and their audience gathered in the atrium of Renaissance Plaza (the Roman Jewelers building), and it was a beautiful afternoon in Flemington, NJ. The audience came to see the new skills acquired by the piano students of Larisa Suknov. As the sun shown down through the glass roof of the Plaza, there was a happy mix of music and laughter. This was not just any recital, however, because the parents and grandparents of the students also took an active role in the performances, joining their children on the bench to play and sing with the aspiring young musicians. Some children and adults played duets, while other children played the piano to accompany their parents or grandparents who sang. The May 7th event was a new type of piano recital that celebrates the joy of music and illustrates just how much fun a family can have making music together. This kind of recital makes all of the practice meaningful and worthwhile, and creates an experience that will not be forgotten. The musical selections covered a wide range from ethnic pieces such as the “Mexican Song” and the “Russian Song” to mood pieces such as “I Feel Blue” and “I Don’t Know.” The program included a Beethoven “Sonata” and “German Dance,” as well as waltzes and ragtime. Some of Larisa Suknov’s own original compositions were played during the performance. The event was sponsored by Roman Jewelers of Flemington and Bridgewater. All of the students who participated are currently enrolled at Larisa’s Piana Studio in Hillsborough, NJ. Larisa, who came to the United States from the Ukraine in 1993, has taught piano for all of her adult life since receiving her Master’s Degree from the State Conservatory of the Ukraine. She was trained since the age of seven to be both a music teacher and a performer on stage. She hosts these special recitals for her students once or twice yearly. As the afternoon slipped into evening, the Plaza rang with the sound of music, and the audience was left in anticipation of the next piano celebration. For more information, call 908-237-1223.

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