Restoring Old Family Jewels for the Holidays:  Flemington Jewelry Store Turning Old Treasures into Meaningful Gifts (November 29, 2006 Flemington, NJ)  Finding the perfect gift this holiday season may be no further than a peak into your jewelry box.  Maybe you have an old heirloom piece of jewelry that was passed down from a relative that is awaiting new life.  Roman Jewelers in Flemington is turning sentimental pieces from the past into beautiful, meaningful treasures through custom redesign.

Jess Gebauer, a Bench Jeweler at Roman Jewelers, lost her grandmother when she was in the second grade.  When she was given her engagement ring, she knew she wanted to wear it on that special day when her ‘now-husband’ asked her to marry him.  “The ring meant so much to me.  I wore the original for quite some time, but then decided I wanted to make it my own and still have the grandmother I loved so much to be a part of it.”

She removed the original stones and custom designed a new setting to make the ring her own.  “Everytime I look at my ring, it makes me feel so good because I turned it into something that I love so much, and yet, I know that my grandmother is such a part of it.  It is so sentimental and meaningful to me.”

Gebauer wasn’t finished.  She then took the original setting and reset it with a sapphire in the middle and two diamonds on the side and gave it to her mother for her birthday.  “I was able to give this ring that meant so much to all of us two new lives.  Now, my mom can pass hers on to her grandchildren and I can do the same.”

Many more people are opting to do the same.  Recently widowed, Sandy Heimberg of Branchburg had her engagement ring redesigned, “My ring meant so much to me because of all the memories I had with my husband Jeff, but I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do with it once I lost him. I sat with a designer who completely changed its look, but kept the original stone.  It’s not only beautiful, but it allows me to have my husband with me every day.”

Heimberg also had a tie tack, which had originally belonged to her husband’s grandfather, turned into a unique pendant that she now wears as a necklace.  “I know if Jeff were here to see these beautiful pieces of jewelry, he would be so proud because they are not only amazing to look at, but they are so meaningful.”

Roman Jewelers is a family owned and operated store with locations in Flemington and the Bridgewater Commons Shopping Mall in Bridgewater. Roman Jewelers specializes in custom jewelry design, fine jewelry including diamond and bridal jewelry and offers a wide selection of Swiss watches. For more information, call 908-782-8240 or visit

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