January 22, 2007 For members of Girl Scout Troop 1099 of the Girl Scouts of Rolling Hills Council, it was a lesson on gemstones, how jewelry is made and what it takes to design a piece of jewelry.  For associates of Roman Jewelers in Flemington, it was another way to show young people their craft.  Seven fifth grade girl scouts from Clinton Township visited the Flemington store recently in an effort to earn their jewelry badge.

Dawn Desmond, one of the store managers at Roman Jewelers, led the demonstration.  “Many people go into a jewelry store, see the beautiful pieces and have no idea of the intricate process that goes into making one design.  We enjoy showing young people exactly what it takes.  It also gives them a true feel for what we do and hopefully peaks their interest in a potential future career.”

Annie Roskoski, member of Girl Scout Troop 1099, was intrigued, “I really enjoyed learning about diamonds and how they are made.  I heard all about the many different gemstones and got to see how they get their smooth surfaces.  It is so much more than I ever realized.”

Terese Acocella, Troop Leader, believes the presentation will help the girls in the future, “This gives the girls a practical application to the different skills they would need to be a jeweler.  It shows them about this occupation in an interesting and fun way.  I think many of them will walk away and look at their own jewelry with a new appreciation.”

The program is open to any girl scout/boy scout troops.  If interested, contact Sophie Shor at 908-284-0256.

Roman Jewelers is a family owned and operated store with locations in Flemington and the Bridgewater Commons Shopping Mall in Bridgewater. Roman Jewelers specializes in custom jewelry design, fine jewelry including diamond and bridal jewelry and offers a wide selection of Swiss watches. For more information, call 908-782-8240 or visit

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