Tacori 18k925 Arrives!

By: Admin

Tacori logo above a martini glass filled with Tacori jewelryStylish and playful, with color-filled gemstones and unique details, the Tacori 18k925 Collection is an elegant, modern take on iconic glamour.  See which celebrities and magazines have already cracked open the jewel box to play dress up with these unique designs. The 18k925 name refers to the sleek metal combination of 18k gold and .925 silver that characterize these pieces, making each design bold, significant and special.  Diamonds, colorful gemstones, exquisite quartz and creative doublets set this collection apart from any other.  Tacori's signature crescent motif of half-moon arcs are elegantly incorporated into virtually all of the 18k925 designs, accompanied by the golden "gem seal" for the extra Tacori touch. [pro-player width='700' height='421' autostart='true' type='video']http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_wqgICnfE8[/pro-player]