Celebrities took to the Red Carpet wearing TACORI

Tacori Earrings
The Mentalist beauty, Amanda Righetti, in Tacori

Celebrities took to the Red Carpet wearing TACORI this weekend for events surrounding the glamorous Primetime Emmy Awards!  Betsy Brandt (Breaking Bad – ‘Marie Schrader’), Amanda Righetti (The Mentalist – ‘Grace Van Pelt’), Autumn Reeser (Entourage – ‘Lizzie Grant’), Tenley (The Bachelor and The Bachelor Pad) and Whitney Port (The City) all sparkled in fabulous TACORI jewels.

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Tacori 18k925 Arrives!

Tacori logo above a martini glass filled with Tacori jewelryStylish and playful, with color-filled gemstones and unique details, the Tacori 18k925 Collection is an elegant, modern take on iconic glamour.  See which celebrities and magazines have already cracked open the jewel box to play dress up with these unique designs.

The 18k925 name refers to the sleek metal combination of 18k gold and .925 silver that characterize these pieces, making each design bold, significant and special.  Diamonds, colorful gemstones, exquisite quartz and creative doublets set this collection apart from any other.  Tacori’s signature crescent motif of half-moon arcs are elegantly incorporated into virtually all of the 18k925 designs, accompanied by the golden “gem seal” for the extra Tacori touch.

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Advice on Buying that Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring from Scott Kay Bridal, available at Roman Jewelers
Engagement Ring from Scott Kay Bridal, available at Roman Jewelers

By Guest Blogger:  Sandy Heimberg

What a joy it is to choose an engagement ring! What a happy event—one of life’s defining moments! Oh, really, you say, well it is also scary, stressful and very expensive. Well, my answer is that it doesn’t have to be. Not if you do it the way that is best for you and your intended. Advice on buying an engagment ring…

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Your Dream Engagement Ring Designed by Tacori

Tacori Crescent Lace Rings at Roman Jewelers

You’ve been dreaming about this moment forever and now you are sure. You know it is coming. You just don’t know when.  You can feel it.

Of course I am talking about a marriage proposal and an engagement ring. You hope your fiancé’-to-be will come up with a memorable romantic way to pop the question.  And you also hope the diamond will be set into a Tacori setting.

There is something truly magical about Tacori rings. Delicate, yet sophisticated; with Victorian style and old-fashion flavor, yet modern.   The scallops, scrolling, and millwork on the shank of the ring are the trademarks of the Tacori style.

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One girl’s favorite things–in jewelry, of course!

Diamond Tacori engagement ring and wedding band

Here are a few of my favorite things:

I love jewelry. And here are a few of my favorite things. Of course, we, women, are known for changing our minds and preferences often, but for now…

Favorite watch:  Rolex Datejust

Favorite gem stone: Diamond

Favorite colored stone: Imperial Topaz

Favorite piece of jewelry: Custom designed pink gold earrings

Favorite jewelry designer: Tacori

Favorite metal: Platinum

Favorite charm bracelet: Chamilia

Every time I open my jewelry box and look at my jewelry and watches collection, my favorites stand out to me and I wear them more often than other. What are your favorite pieces of jewelry?

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Hidden Ruby

Gold quilt-pattern bracelet
From Roberto Coin comes the long tradition of implanting a hidden ruby, “The King of Gems,” into each piece that the company creates.

Why a ruby?

Tradition has it that the ruby has the power to bring piece, to promote a long and happy life, to banish evil and to reconcile disputes. That’s a very powerful incentive to want the stone in direct contact with the skin.

Thus the ruby has become the mark of of each Roberto coin jewel – and a secret gift of good wishes to every woman who wears one of a Roberto Coin’s exclusive creations.

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Beads, Charms, and Memories

Chamilia bracelet, beads
Chamilia bracelets available at Roman Jewelers

So take a bracelet or a necklace, and create a unique, just for you and about you piece of jewelry by adding and mixing-and-matching slide-on jewelry beads and charms. The beads are made of silver, 14K or 18K gold, crystal, gemstones, enamel, or Murano glass. It is a true kaleidoscope of you-have-a-memory, we have a bead.

Just came back from a trip to Paris? Remember it with the Eiffel Tower bead. Are you in love? There is an enameled red heart-bead. 

The bracelet or necklace you create has an emotional connection to your life and your dreams. These pieces of jewelry are all about you, they have an emotional connection to the important moments in your life.  

The charm bracelets have a long history; they’ve been around for 400 years. The new trend gives you a chance to express your personal style and tell your personal story.

So what’s your personal story? Take a look at the Chamilia beads and charms that we have to offer at Roman Jewelers in Flemington and Bridgewater Commons Mall, NJ. With over 600 beads to choose from, it’s easy to find the ones that will perfectly match your life story.

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Hoop Earrings – Here to Stay

White gold diamond hoop earringsSpeaking about classics – hoop earrings make a truly glamorous classic fashion statement. And celebrities are not shy about spotlighting their hoops with every step they make along the red carpet.

At the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards last night in Los Angeles, actresses including Angelina Jolie, Christina Applegate and Jane Krakowski all wore hoops ranging from dramatic 22-Karat yellow gold hoops with ruby accents and heavy diamond drop-style hoops to more modest diamond studded styles.

No matter where the fashion world takes us, hoops are here to stay. Whether simple gold hoops or inside-out hoops with diamonds all the way around, hoop earrings are versatile enough to be worn with any almost any outfit for any occasion.

My personal favorites are white gold, sparkling diamond hoops from Roberto Coin.

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