Engagement Ring Ideas–featuring Gabriel & Co. Designs

Oval Engagement Ring with wedding band from Gabriel & Co.
When it’s time to start thinking about popping the question, it’s also the time to start browsing beautiful engagement rings! With so many stunning options out there, ring shopping can quickly become overwhelming. Doing some research is a great first step to finding the perfect engagement ring that you can treasure forever.

If you know diamonds are what you’re shopping for, make sure you know where you stand on the 4 Cs. Decide on a budget and a general style direction, and you’ll be ready to get shopping!

At Roman Jewelers, we want to make the engagement ring purchasing process simple and stress-free. In this blog we’ve broken down the diamond shapes and settings

Here’s everything you need to know about the top diamond shapes and our favorite Gabriel and Co. rings!

1. Round

Round diamonds are a classic, timeless look. This dazzling shape naturally highlights the diamond’s brilliance.

This 14K White Gold engagement ring featuring a one carat center stone is simple, yet striking with a halo design.

The band in this round solitaire adds an elevated level of detail, while also still very affordable.


2. Oval

Ready for some sparkle? Eyes will be drawn to this 14K White Gold 1 carat Oval Halo engagement ring. This diamond shape in engagement rings naturally elongates fingers.

If you’re looking for a smaller center stone, this Gabriel and Co. engagement ring offers that, but with added Victorian details. This style is vintage and timeless.


3. Princess

This beauty is a showstopper. With a 1.25 center stone setting, this Princess Halo ring looks even larger than life. Princess diamond Cuts are known to appear larger than they are because of the broad, flat, pyramid-feel. One of our favorite Princess Cut Diamond Rings can be found here!


4. Marquise

The long, tapered Marquise style diamond cuts maximize the carat size appearance. In this unique, halo diamond ring featuring a marquise center diamond cut, the setting is absolutely one-of-a-kind. Show off your unique love with this beautiful 1 carat center stone with a criss-cross band with diamond details.
5. Pear

This delicate hybrid of a Marquise and Round cut is even further accentuated by a curved and pointed band.

Eyes will naturally be drawn to the point and direction of this unique engagement ring style!

This split shank adds extra sparkle to an already beautiful pear shaped design.

6. Cushion

This ring will wow. This 14K White Gold Cushion Three-Stone Halo ring has brilliant elegance and luxury feel. When getting down on one knee, this will make sure to take her by surprise! One of our favorite Cushion cut ring shapes by Gabriel & Co. can be found here:

At Roman Jewelers, thousands of couples have trusted us with their engagement ring purchase! Contact us today to discuss your engagement ring vision, and we’d love to help make it come to life.

For more ring design inspiration, follow us on Facebook and instagram @RomanJewelers

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Simon G Event, the Trunk Show of the year!

It’s that time of the year…our customer’s favorite designer, Simon G.,  is back with the entire collection of diamonds and colored gemstones! Saturday, December 7th. Simon G’s trunk show at Roman Jewelers is the premier jewelry event in Central NJ this season, so don’t miss it. Click for an appointment.

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Choosing an Engagement Ring–see hundreds at Roman Jewelers Event 4/27 – 4/28

An engagement ring is one of the most important purchases a couple will make—and often one of the first when they begin their journey as husband and wife. Roman Jewelers understands this better than anyone and has worked for 30 years to simplify the process by providing education and guidance from our qualified sales team, competitive pricing and financing and the large selection of diamonds and ring settings, you’ll see in Central New Jersey.

April 27th and 28th, Roman Jewelers will also be hosting it’s MILLION DOLLAR DIAMOND EVENT.  Here, you will have the opportunity to view additional merchandise since our store will be partnering with our trusted suppliers to bring in EVEN MORE than what is normal in our showcases. We will have some engagement rings settings starting as low as $1,999—but we will also have larger diamonds—over 2 carats—for those who choose. Special pricing and financing will be available.

Because choosing a diamond requires the most consideration, our staff will gladly walk you through ”the 4 C’s“: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight—if you need a refresher. It’s important to also know that two diamonds graded equally along the 4 C’s are not necessarily equal—the unique properties of a diamond can look very different and are a personal choice. A diamond truly must be seen.

Beyond the 4 C’s, you must consider what shape of diamond you’d like to choose. Rounds are classic, but Ovals are quite popular lately and offer a larger look that compliments some ladies very well. There are also princess, pear, emerald shapes, as well as many others. It is important to choose a diamond shape that not only reflects the style of the wearer, but also complements the ring’s setting and the wearer’s hand.

Beyond the diamond, you must choose a type of precious metal for the setting of the engagement ring. There are many options when it comes to precious metals, and they come in a variety of different colors and prices. The preference of the wearer and price of the precious metal are of importance in this selection. However, one should also consider choosing a metal that matches the skin tone of the wearer. During the Roman Jewelers Event, there will be hundreds of rings to choose from. You’ll find the perfect one.

The type of setting, which is the method by which an engagement ring’s diamond is secured in the ring, is another component to consider when choosing an engagement ring. The most common type of ring setting is a prong setting in which a small, claw-like prongs grip the diamond to hold it in place. Other setting types include bezel, tension, pavé, halo, flush, and many others, each with its own unique look and attributes.

The most important thing to keep in mind when selecting an engagement ring is the woman who will be wearing it, so seeing it and being a part of it’s creation will truly make the selection more meaningful. If you’d like to register for our event, please do so here: https://www.romanjewelers.com/make-an-appointment.html

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Roman Jewelers Celebrates 25th Anniversary with $25,000 Donation and chance for Flemington Community to find 25 “hidden” jewelry boxes

Owners Roman Shor, Lucy Zimmerman, and Sophie Shor in Roman Jewelers
Owners Roman Shor, Lucy Zimmerman, and Sophie Shor celebrate 25 year Anniversary

Roman Jewelers of Flemington & Bridgewater is celebrating a milestone in their business—25 years. And, the owners, Sophie and Roman Shor, along with the daughter, Lucy Zimmerman came up with some community-focused ways to celebrate.

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Roman Jewelers’ Popular Remount Event Returns

We are always surprised to hear from friends and customers that they are no longer wearing their engagement/wedding rings because they feel they are outdated!. The good news is that Roman Jewelers has brought back their popular remount event–Remount, Redesign, or Trade Up Saturday April 28 and Sunday April 29th. The event is featuring an expanded collection from designer Simon G., so customers will see more merchandise than ever. There are several reasons women no longer wear and love their diamond jewelry, including just not liking it because it is outdated. Whether it is the cut, the color metal or even the size of the diamond, women are choosing to leave their rings in their jewelry box instead of enjoying them. This is why we’ve decided to hold an event where customers can Remount, Refashion and Trade up or Trade in their diamonds. The event will be held April 28th in Flemington & April 29 in Bridgewater.

Remounting your existing diamond ring gives it new life so that you will love and wear it again. Updating your setting, also protects your diamond which may currently be in an older setting with worn prongs and gold. Now, is the time.

You may even choose to create a new custom piece. Maybe you want to use several heirloom pieces or stones from other jewelry or design something meaningful to commemorate an anniversary or life event.

Trade in/Trade what you already have, if you’d like to. Some women do want bigger or better diamonds and during this event only Roman Jewelers will buy your old diamonds and apply credit towards a new diamond, new setting or anything else in our store.

For appointments, call either Flemington (908) 782-8240 or Bridgewater (908) 575-1242.

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Roman Jewelers Provides Educational Programs to Community

Sophie Shor teaching schoolchildren about diamonds
Sophie Shor from Roman Jewelers Teaches Students about Diamonds

A diamond is the most valuable gem on earth and yet, it is made out of the same mineral as the graphite in a pencil…carbon.  This interesting fact along with several others were offered earlier this month for third grade students at the Whitehouse School in Readington and the Hunterdon Care Center in Flemington. The presentation appeals to all ages and is currently being offered as part of a community outreach program by Roman Jewelers.  

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Drew Barrymore’s Radiant Cut Diamond: Special, Rare, Beautiful

Drew Barrymore's square cut diamond engagement ring
Drew’s simply perfect engagement ring features a colorless (D color) radiant-cut diamond that is just under 4 carats on a diamond-covered band.

Congratulations to Drew Barrymore and her fiance Drew Kopelman who were just engaged during a 10-day stay in Sun Valley, Idaho. I’m happy for them, but I’m actually congratulating them on their ring choice!  It is a unique, lovely setting and a simply perfect diamond color and cut. Drew’s engagement ring features a colorless (D color) radiant-cut diamond that is just under 4 carats on a diamond-covered band. Want to learn about the look and the diamond?

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Central NJ Engagement Ring Trends

Tacori Crescent Lace Rings at Roman Jewelers

Christmas and New Years are the most popular times to get engaged and many ‘guys’ came into Roman Jewelers to do their shopping this year. So far, we don’t have any requests for returns so the proposals must have gone well. Furthermore, the rings must have been well received by the ladies; which is fabulous news. Maybe all of those hints paid off! But really, his hard work, research, and decision to team up with a Roman Jewelers’ sales consultant ensure a good choice and a happy fiancé. So, here’s the report on what was hot in Central Jersey!

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Advice on Buying that Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring from Scott Kay Bridal, available at Roman Jewelers
Engagement Ring from Scott Kay Bridal, available at Roman Jewelers

By Guest Blogger:  Sandy Heimberg

What a joy it is to choose an engagement ring! What a happy event—one of life’s defining moments! Oh, really, you say, well it is also scary, stressful and very expensive. Well, my answer is that it doesn’t have to be. Not if you do it the way that is best for you and your intended. Advice on buying an engagment ring…

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