Engagement Ring Ideas–featuring Gabriel & Co. Designs

Oval Engagement Ring with wedding band from Gabriel & Co.
When it’s time to start thinking about popping the question, it’s also the time to start browsing beautiful engagement rings! With so many stunning options out there, ring shopping can quickly become overwhelming. Doing some research is a great first step to finding the perfect engagement ring that you can treasure forever.

If you know diamonds are what you’re shopping for, make sure you know where you stand on the 4 Cs. Decide on a budget and a general style direction, and you’ll be ready to get shopping!

At Roman Jewelers, we want to make the engagement ring purchasing process simple and stress-free. In this blog we’ve broken down the diamond shapes and settings

Here’s everything you need to know about the top diamond shapes and our favorite Gabriel and Co. rings!

1. Round

Round diamonds are a classic, timeless look. This dazzling shape naturally highlights the diamond’s brilliance.

This 14K White Gold engagement ring featuring a one carat center stone is simple, yet striking with a halo design.

The band in this round solitaire adds an elevated level of detail, while also still very affordable.


2. Oval

Ready for some sparkle? Eyes will be drawn to this 14K White Gold 1 carat Oval Halo engagement ring. This diamond shape in engagement rings naturally elongates fingers.

If you’re looking for a smaller center stone, this Gabriel and Co. engagement ring offers that, but with added Victorian details. This style is vintage and timeless.


3. Princess

This beauty is a showstopper. With a 1.25 center stone setting, this Princess Halo ring looks even larger than life. Princess diamond Cuts are known to appear larger than they are because of the broad, flat, pyramid-feel. One of our favorite Princess Cut Diamond Rings can be found here!


4. Marquise

The long, tapered Marquise style diamond cuts maximize the carat size appearance. In this unique, halo diamond ring featuring a marquise center diamond cut, the setting is absolutely one-of-a-kind. Show off your unique love with this beautiful 1 carat center stone with a criss-cross band with diamond details.
5. Pear

This delicate hybrid of a Marquise and Round cut is even further accentuated by a curved and pointed band.

Eyes will naturally be drawn to the point and direction of this unique engagement ring style!

This split shank adds extra sparkle to an already beautiful pear shaped design.

6. Cushion

This ring will wow. This 14K White Gold Cushion Three-Stone Halo ring has brilliant elegance and luxury feel. When getting down on one knee, this will make sure to take her by surprise! One of our favorite Cushion cut ring shapes by Gabriel & Co. can be found here:

At Roman Jewelers, thousands of couples have trusted us with their engagement ring purchase! Contact us today to discuss your engagement ring vision, and we’d love to help make it come to life.

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Drew Barrymore’s Radiant Cut Diamond: Special, Rare, Beautiful

Drew Barrymore's square cut diamond engagement ring
Drew’s simply perfect engagement ring features a colorless (D color) radiant-cut diamond that is just under 4 carats on a diamond-covered band.

Congratulations to Drew Barrymore and her fiance Drew Kopelman who were just engaged during a 10-day stay in Sun Valley, Idaho. I’m happy for them, but I’m actually congratulating them on their ring choice!  It is a unique, lovely setting and a simply perfect diamond color and cut. Drew’s engagement ring features a colorless (D color) radiant-cut diamond that is just under 4 carats on a diamond-covered band. Want to learn about the look and the diamond?

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Daniel & Jennifer’s Romantic Engagement

Daniel and Jenn hugging in front of a waterfall
Daniel & Jenn’s romantic adventure ends with a proposal and a ring from Roman Jewelers

Roman Jewelers has been a part of so many engagements and moments and every single one takes on a new importance and meaning. We were honored to have worked with Daniel and Jennifer and have known their family for many years . We take tremendous pleasure in wishing them the best of love and luck and we thank them for the privilege of being their jeweler and sharing their romance. Here is their engagement story….

How we got engaged
July 1st was the sixth anniversary of Dan and Jenn’s first date. The day began with Dan taking Jenn up to Lehigh’s Iaccoca Hall Tower, which sits upon the top of South Mountain in Bethlehem. There he surprised Jenn with three long stem roses that he had hidden there the day before. He told her that the pink, red and white roses represented their past, present and future. (This was also a place Dan took Jenn on their first date.)

The celebration continued with a hike at Glen Onoko Falls park in Jim Thorpe, PA. After hiking for 20 minutes, Dan and Jenn had a romantic picnic on a boulder next to a small waterfall. Following a relaxing lunch they continued following the cascading falls up a steep and treacherous trail, which they had to work together to ascend, until arriving at the summit and most spectacular waterfall of the park.

Standing on a ledge at the foot of the falls, Dan presented a stuffed Gentoo penguin with a obsidian pebble in his mouth (a tradition that this type of penguin has for picking its life long mate – Click here to learn more). Dan then held Jenn’s hands, expressed his vision of a life together in love and family, and then got down on one knee and presented the ring as he asked her to be his wife.

With tears of joy in both their eyes, Jenn accepted the proposal, Dan put the ring on her finger, they embraced with a big kiss and then Jenn hopped and danced around like a rabbit! At the base of the falls, Jenn and Dan celebrated with a bottle of Asti champagne.

After calling family and friends, Dan and Jenn went to dinner at the place they went on their first date. Then Dan took Jenn onto Lehigh’s campus to the place where he had his first conversation with her; presenting her with a love letter that he had hidden on the campus. She gave him an anniversary card she had chosen the day before. With glowing smiles on their faces and love in their hearts, the celebration continued that night at a “speakeasy” with live Jazz music.


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Advertisement from the knot reading "2011 pick: The Knot best of weddings" with various wedding pictures
Roman Jewelers Named in Best of Weddings 2011

Roman Jewelers is pleased to announce they have been selected as a 2011 ­­winner in The Knot Best of Weddings, a special section in The Knot North/Central NJ magazine and on theknot.com, the leading wedding resource that’s most trusted by brides. The award is based on customer reviews and nominations and review of product and services by The Knot experts.

One review from customer Katherine Schiavone said, “Sandy is the best thing that ever happened to Roman Jewelers. I had something very specific that I wanted for my wedding band and she found it!!! I receive so many compliments on my ring and it is all because of Sandy! If you go to Romans, ask for Sandy, she works Saturday and Sunday. You will walk away happy!”

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