Top 10 couples finalized in free luxury wedding giveaway

By Dominic Serrao/Philadelphia Examiner – After each of the twenty semi-finalist couples presented their ‘Good Deed Plan’ at The Renaissance Plaza in Flemington on Saturday August 29, representatives of the ten charity partners huddled together to make a decision and select the finalists for the Roman Jewelers’ giveaway to a couple that proves they can work together and make a difference in the community. ‘The Roman Jewelers Wedding’ contest auditions held earlier this month at the Bridgewater Commons Mall attracted over 70 couples.

In the audience, the air was filled with apprehension and nervousness. Daniel MacDonnell of Berlin, an officer in the US Navy Reserves, paced back and forth while his fiancé Tanya Hrehovcik of Little Falls couldn’t sit still.

In an interview with the Examiner, Hrehovick said, “Sitting in the audience waiting for our names to be called was so stressful. Luckily, this was not televised and we did not have to take commercial breaks!“

MacDonnell, Hrehovick and their supporters erupted in joy as they heard their names as finalists and the opportunity to “move onto the next round.”

Amie Kotalic of Clinton, another finalist said, “We were extremely excited because we were really looking forward to working with the Arc, and spending time together planning the event.”  Over the next six weeks, the top ten couple finalists are tasked to execute their plan for their charity.

The other selected finalists include Kate Walsh, 27, and John Covey, 31, both of Robbinsville; Jackie Fitzgerald, 27, and Brian Keelan, 28, both of Toms River; Sheena Schuler, 26, of Hasbrouck Heights and Julius Bellamy, 27, of Maplewood; Dawn Giuliano and Vince Mueller, both of Lyndhurst; Nina Sachdev, 28, of Bridgewater and Edward Goworek, 26, of Elizabeth; Bianca Ruffin, 22, of Branchburg and Dominick Distano, 23, of Branchburg currently serving in Iraq; Allison Gross of Frenchtown and Joe Mulgrew of Gloucester; Amie Kotalic, 24, of Clinton and Daniel Sekula, 26, of Glen Gardner; Angela Rotella, 23, of Flemington and Joe Panico, 23, of Three Bridges.

The announcement of the winning couple will be made on Thursday, October 15th at 6:30 p.m at the The Renaissance Plaza in Flemington.  The winners will receive a free luxury wedding courtesy of Roman Jewelers and The Roman Jewelers Wedding Romantic Partners. The wedding will include all of the essentials from rings and dresses, to the venue, flowers, music, food, beverages and more. The lucky winners will also receive numerous other gifts.

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