Why Diamonds are the Ideal Symbol of Love and Commitment

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Everyone knows that a diamond is the ultimate way to mark an engagement — but there are actually specific reasons why this precious gemstone is the ideal symbol of love — of what is most precious and meaningful in our lives. In the midst of a very important wedding season, we asked fine jewelry expert Tanya Dukes about the key characteristics that explain why diamonds have been chosen to mark engagements since 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy with the first recorded diamond engagement ring. Here are five reasons diamonds will always be the ideal symbol of commitment:

Diamonds Are Unique

When it comes to love, we all have our own unique stories — so it’s only natural that an engagement should be represented with a one-of-a-kind gem. Given the extreme conditions under which diamonds are created, followed by their long, intense journey, means every diamond bears unique markers of its formation. These slight imperfections — that on a polished stone are visible only through a loupe — are what makes them truly individual. “While brilliant polished diamonds may look similar to the naked eye, every diamond is unique on the inside. Each has its own birthmarks, its own growth patterns and its own personality,” Duke explains. “So when you find the diamond that speaks to your heart and feels like a reflection of your relationship — there is a real reason why you feel drawn to it.”

Diamonds Are Natural

When you start to learn about how diamonds are formed, their arduous journey to the earth’s surface, let alone the ability to then find a gem quality diamond of any size, you begin to understand why they are miracles of nature. “Most diamonds were formed between 1–3 billion years ago — before the dinosaurs — more than 100 miles underground. They catapulted to the earth’s surface via ancient volcanic eruptions, withstanding the most extreme heat and pressure on their journey. That alone defies belief,” says Dukes. The fact that diamonds are so strong, resilient and enduring, “makes them such a fitting representation of love and commitment.” That’s why it makes perfect sense that we honor and celebrate this rare occasion with a similarly rare gem.

Diamonds Are Valuable

As a finite natural resource, diamonds are inherently valuable. In fact, one of the top producing mines in the world — the argyle diamond mine in Western Australia, where 90% of the world’s rare pink diamonds have been found — is set to close in three years. Gem-quality diamonds — because of their rarity and scarcity — are the world’s most portable form of wealth, and they not only hold their value, it increases over time. However, the emotional value sets it apart as well. ”Your diamond ring is connected to your relationship, it’s present as you make memories, and it’s with you as your love story deepens and evolves,” says Dukes. “Diamond jewelry is one of the only luxury items that becomes more valuable to you the more it is worn.”

Diamonds Are Timeless

Along with your loved ones, “diamonds are your daily companions,” Dukes points out. “And their brilliance never dulls and never gets old!” While trends come and go, the sparkle of a diamond is something that will always be in style. Diamond jewelry also carries with it the promise of becoming a family heirloom. The significance of the love that a diamond represents, and the fact that it touches our skin, means that the diamonds themselves become imbued with our memories, and are a physical link between generations. “Diamond jewelry connects your love story to those that will follow after.”

Diamonds Are Universal

While their rarity and beauty makes them valuable, their variety and versatility means there are diamond engagement ring designs that fit every budget. “There shouldn’t be an intimidation factor when it comes to the price point of diamonds,” says Dukes. “Whether you choose a three-stone ring, a solitaire, a halo or a pavé diamond design, you can achieve a beautiful look that reflects your style and your budget.”

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