Our Rolex History

Nearly 20 years ago, Roman Jewelers sold their first Rolex timepiece to a customer at their original store location in Flemington, NJ. The gentleman who purchased it is still a Rolex customer today.

The Relationship with Rolex

Roman Jeweler's Relationship with Rolex began at our original, former, store in Flemington, NJ. It grew successfully due to the committed partnering Roman Jewelers has received from Rolex and the dedication of the Roman Jeweler's Team. Today, Roman Jewelers is located in suburban Bridgewater, NJ. The in-store customer experience is unmatched in the modern, sophisticated Rolex corner.

The Past, Present and Future

From the founding of the brand in 1905, to the creation of the Oyster Perpetual in 1926; a Rolex doesn't just tell time. It tells history. Today, the tradition continues at Roman Jewelers of Bridgewater, New Jersey due to a shared commitment to quality and innovation. Tomorrow and for the lifetime of our customer's Rolex Journey, Roman Jewelers will be at your service.