Our Rolex Team

Roman Jeweler's Rolex Specialists are committed to sharing their knowledge of Rolex timepieces and meeting or exceeding Rolex's brand culture of innovation, exemplary customer service and overall excellence. The expert staff are well-versed in every aspect of the care and maintenance of your Rolex timepiece, and pride themselves on partnering with customers throughout their Rolex Journey.

A Family-Owned Tradition

At Roman Jewelers, family is everything. The fine-jewelry store has been multi-generational, family-owned for more than 30 years and skilled jewelry professionals for four generations. Located in the heart of Central New Jersey, Roman Jewelers has lifelong relationships with clients, many of whom have become true friends. From the minute you enter the store, you will be treated like family, too.

The Partnership with Rolex

The Rolex Showroom at Roman Jewelers is proud to be part of the worldwide network of Official Rolex Jewelers. As such, they are committed to representing the iconic brand with a matching set of standards. Roman Jeweler's team of Rolex specialists provide unparalleled service and are equipped with the necessary skills, technical know-how and most importantly, kind and warm professionalism that builds meaningful customer relationships.

A Luxury Experience Awaits

When customers meet the Rolex Specialists, the experience provided is of utmost importance. Some shoppers have waited a lifetime to purchase their first Rolex, others are brand loyalists. Some just want to learn more. Either way, all customers expect--and deserve--a meaningful, luxury experience on par with the timepiece that they will wear on their wrist. At Roman Jewelers, a luxury experience awaits.