A Guide For Buying The Perfect Men's Wedding Band

A Guide For Buying The Perfect Men's Wedding Band

Jewelry Education

By: Guest Blogger-- Inna Kushnirski

Jun 14,2021

So you're getting married! Roman Jewelers and Gabriel would like to help you find the perfect wedding band--for both style and comfort. Guys tend to gravitate toward the traditional wedding band design but many are stepping out and embracing more elaborate looks. Sometimes, couples choose to coordinate their wedding bands, often choosing the same design and metal color but men’s bands have a distinctly more masculine appearance with wider bands, angular cuts and often the absence of stones. Though it seems simple enough, when shopping for a men’s wedding band the following should be considered.


Men often choose comfort over fashion, so the fit therefore is an important consideration when choosing a wedding band. It’s best to try on several models and really compare the differences in feel. The most common fits are:

Comfort Fit meaning that the inside of the ring is rounded, which helps it slide over your knuckle easier.

Flat or Standard Fit rings are flat on the inside of the ring, which means the inside diameter is the same as you move along from one edge to the other.


Width is an important consideration because ultimately it will affect how the band looks on the finger and therefore impacting the overall appearance of the hand. Bands measuring 4 to 6 millimeters tend to look great on most fingers, but wider than 6mm should be left to those who have longer and thicker fingers as it tends to make them appear shorter and wider. The width also affects the price as more metal means a higher price point. Consider your budget as this is one area that is easy enough to alter while still maintaining the overall design of the ring.


There are several common finishes that can give a men’s band an element of interest.

men wedding bands
Gabriel Style: MBM0111-60W4JJJ
Sand blast – this finish makes the ring appear as if it’s encrusted with diamond chips because it sparkles and shimmers beautifully in the light. It feels coarse to the touch with a grainy feel. 
men wedding bands
Gabriel Style: MBM0101-60W4JJJ
  • Satin – This finish gives a softer more matte effect to the ring for those who prefer a less shiny finish. 
Yellow Gold men's wedding bands
Gabriel Style: MBM0112-60W4JJJ
  • Hammered – This type of finish is quite unique in appearance in that it has a sort of dimpled look, like a hammer was used to pound each dimple on the surface of the ring, thus giving it its name. This is a great choice for the more active guy as it hides small scratches and dents best making it the perfect style for camouflaging heavy wear.
Yellow Gold Men's Wedding Bands
Gabriel Style: MBM0136-60W4JJJ
  • Brushed – A brushed finish has a textured appearance and is similar to a satin finish in that it is also not shiny. It looks as if the texture was made with a wire brush. You can see tiny brush-like marks on the finish, hence its name. Similar to the hammered finish, it helps to hide scratches and thus is perfect for a more active gentleman.
White-Yellow Engraved Men's Wedding Band
Gabriel Style: MBM0119-60M4JJJ
  • Engraved – Engraving on wedding bands adds interest to an otherwise plain finish. The patterns of the engraving can form beautiful designs and are done with the precision of machinery so they are perfectly symmetrical.


The edge of the band is another attribute to consider which affects the overall look of the ring.

  • straight edge is commonly found on men’s bands giving off a clean, simple appearance. According to psychologists, the very shape of the square is associated with male character traits: firmness, perseverance, practicality, charisma and leadership. Individuals who are characterized by an analytical type of thinking, those who are ruled by rationality tend to gravitate to straight bands. But is this type of edge comfortable? The answer is yes as long as the edge is not sharp and the wearer chooses comfort fit for the inner design. 
White Gold Men's Wedding Band
Gabriel Style: MBM0101-60W4JJJ
  • beveled edge adds an extra dimension to a plain wedding band giving it a more architectural and sleek appearance. Beveled wedding rings feature three faces, unlike traditional wedding rings which have one continuous outer surface.
White-Rose Gold Men's Wedding Band
Gabriel Style: MBH0120-80W4JJJ
  • rounded edge, as the name implies, has a softer edge that’s smooth to the touch and is considered to be the most comfortable to put on.
Yellow Gold Men's Wedding Band
Gabriel Style: MBM0115-60W4JJJ


The most common choice for a men’s wedding band remains 14 karat gold as it’s not as soft as 18 karat or platinum. While yellow gold still remains a common choice for men’s wedding bands, white toned metals such as white gold, platinum and palladium have gained popularity among the masses in the US.  

  • Yellow Gold – 14 karat or 18 karat yellow gold is a classic look universally appreciated around the world for its timeless elegance.  Because pure 24 karat gold is too soft for jewelry, the less pure 14 karat rings will be tougher even than the 18 karat bands that contain more pure gold. So depending on your lifestyle and activity level choose a karat that suits your needs.  Yellow gold also looks great alongside white gold rendering it a perfect two tone combination.
  • White Gold – 14 karat or 18 karat white gold is another very common gold choice for men’s wedding bands. Because white gold is usually rhodium plated for enhanced durability and reflection, in time it may require re-polishing as the rhodium plating tends to wear off with time. White tones are most popular for women’s engagement rings making it a great match with the men’s band.
  • Platinum – Another great choice for a wedding band is platinum. With its rarity, hardness and luster, platinum easily ranks at the top of the most expensive and prestigious choices for a wedding band. Due to its high durability, it is easy to maintain with basic care and occasional re-polishing. Platinum is also the perfect metal for those who are allergic to the alloys used with yellow and white gold. 
  • Rose Gold – Though not as popular as yellow and white, rose gold is a unique choice for the fashion forward man. For those that appreciate the color but don’t feel comfortable with an all rose gold band, it looks fantastic in a two tone design in combination with a white metal.  

You should consider the above points when choosing your wedding band. Trying on multiple styles at Roman Jewelers will assure that you choose one that will be the most comfortable to wear and looks best on your finger, as well as ensuring that you order your correct size.