A Royal Ring

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Nov 18,2010

Oval Sapphire Tacori ring For a "Royal Look" we suggest an Oval Sapphire, like this one from Tacori It's official:  Prince William and fiancé Kate Middleton will be married!   In true romantic fashion, William proposed with an heirloom ring, none other than the ring his late mother Princess Diana wore.  A stunning Oval Sapphire sits at the center - representing truth, sincerity and constancy - and is framed with a halo of diamonds. Sapphires have been prized as great gemstones since 800BC and have been worn by royalty throughout history. King Solomon wore a sapphire ring, and the British Crown Jewels are full of large blue Sapphires, the mark of prudent and wise rulers. Ever since Prince Charles has given Princess Diana a Sapphire engagement ring, more and more couples have decided to adopt this old tradition to the present day. Sapphire stands for truth, compatibility, commitment, and mutual understanding. A perfect, meaningful choice for engaged couples, and Sapphire is also recommended for a couple’s 5th or 45th anniversaries. The sapphire has for a long time, been identified with chastity, piety, and repentance. It brings wisdom and truth, increases perception and the understanding of justice. It helps find peace of mind and serenity and promotes a life of sincerity, helping preserve one’s innocence while learning life’s truths. Sapphires also are associated with romantic love, representing fidelity and romantic devotion. I it also used for a quest to increase one’s faith, hope, and joy, and to keep thoughts pure and heavenly