Roman Jewelers' promise to our engagement ring customers

Roman Jewelers' Promise To Our Engagement Ring Customers

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Aug 02,2019

Engagement Ring Promise c: Vanessa Joy WHY CHOOSE ROMAN JEWELERS? Roman Jewelers knows that you can choose to buy your engagement ring anywhere, including the internet. So why choose us? Buying your diamond and engagement ring should be a personal, enjoyable and memorable experience that can only be achieved with a one-on-one consultation with diamond expert from Roman Jewelers. During this consultation, you will see your diamond under a microscope and understand what makes it special…just like your love. We are committed to continuing our relationship with you for the life of your ring and provide value-added services that truly do “add up,” including:
  1. Complimentary engagement ring polish and rhodium before the wedding – $75
  2. One engagement ring sizing at no charge – $100
  3. Gift Card towards Wedding bands – $200
  4. Appraisal Service and all updates – $135 +
  5. Cleaning and tightening of diamonds anytime it is needed -$30 +
Total $ 540.00 included with purchase Beyond that, we want to have a personal relationship with you (and your ring) for many years. When you purchase a ring at Roman Jewelers, we also offer: • Roman Jewelers' Upgrade program • Free appraisal updates • Lifetime free inspection and cleaning • 5-year warranty At Roman Jewelers, we also adhere to a zero-tolerance policy toward conflict diamonds. Roman Jewelers only deals with highly reputable and well-known diamond suppliers who follow the guidelines of the Kimberley Process, a system that ensures that every rough diamond crossing the border is certified conflict-free by a strict system of forgery resistant documents and serial numbers. As your love continues to grow...we hope our relationship with you does, too. View our collection or stop in: