Roman Jewelers’ promise to our engagement ring customers

Engagement Ring Promise
c: Vanessa Joy


Roman Jewelers knows that you can choose to buy your engagement ring anywhere, including the internet. So why choose us? Buying your diamond and engagement ring should be a personal, enjoyable and memorable experience that can only be achieved with a one-on-one consultation with diamond expert from Roman Jewelers. During this consultation, you will see your diamond under a microscope and understand what makes it special…just like your love. We are committed to continuing our relationship with you for the life of your ring and provide value-added services that truly do “add up,” including:

  1. Complimentary engagement ring polish and rhodium before the wedding – $75
  2. One engagement ring sizing at no charge – $100
  3. Gift Card towards Wedding bands – $200
  4. Appraisal Service and all updates – $135 +
  5. Cleaning and tightening of diamonds anytime it is needed -$30 +

Total $ 540.00 included with purchase

Beyond that, we want to have a personal relationship with you (and your ring) for many years. When you purchase a ring at Roman Jewelers, we also offer:

• Roman Jewelers’ Upgrade program

• Free appraisal updates

• Lifetime free inspection and cleaning

• 5-year warranty

At Roman Jewelers, we also adhere to a zero-tolerance policy toward conflict diamonds. Roman Jewelers only deals with highly reputable and well-known diamond suppliers who follow the guidelines of the Kimberley Process, a system that ensures that every rough diamond crossing the border is certified conflict-free by a strict system of forgery resistant documents and serial numbers.

As your love continues to grow…we hope our relationship with you does, too. View our collection or stop in:


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