Impact100 Hunterdon Hosts Event at Roman Jewelers with Impact100 Global Founder

Impact100 Hunterdon Hosts Event At Roman Jewelers With Impact100 Global Founder

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By: Km

Apr 29,2024

On Tuesday, May 7th, the Impact100 Hunterdon chapter will host a night of networking, education, and inspiration at the Roman Jewelers Bridgewater showroom from 7:00pm – 9:00pm. Founded in 2023, Impact100 Hunterdon is a new chapter of the Global Impact100 initiative. Impact100 Founder, Wendy Steele, will share what inspired her to start what is now a global organization with 60 chapters in the United States and beyond and over $123 million dollars granted to transform communities.

Impact100 was founded by Wendy Steele in 2001 in response to feeling as though women’s roles in philanthropy needed a new way to be expanded and encouraged. Wendy launched the organization with the goal of empowering women to see themselves as activists through utilizing large grants to make an impact within their communities. In a recent TEDTalk, Wendy expressed concern about the decline in overall giving and individual donations reported by Giving USA. She said, “Generosity is the most powerful lever we have to change the world, and everyone can do it.”

The Impact100 model is simple: at least 10 women come together to donate at least $1,000 each so that a $100,000 transformational grant can be made to a local charity. Grants are available to eligible nonprofits across five broad focus areas: Arts & Culture; Family; Education; Health & Wellness; and Environment, Preservation, and Recreation. Impact100 is dedicated to offering dedicated women a framework to help take their philanthropic work to the next level, making a transformational difference in their communities. Impact100 is a place for women who care deeply, who dream wildly, and who believe that, together, they are an unstoppable force for good.

Founded in 2023 in partnership with Binnacle House Community Foundation, Impact100 Hunterdon believes that women have the power to transform the Hunterdon community through collective giving. The new chapter is driving towards a goal of 100 women in membership by June 30th, 2024. They intend to announce the grant process and begin accepting grant applications by mid-July and award a $100,000 transformational grant to a Hunterdon County nonprofit in November. More than just a fundraising effort, Impact100 Hunterdon provides events, networking, and educational opportunities to gather women together and become an unstoppable force for good. The group aims to spread awareness about the needs in Hunterdon County, the work that Hunterdon nonprofits are doing, and how we can all help. All interested women are encouraged to come to the May 7th event to find out more and be inspired by this incredible initiative. More information is available at the Impact100 Hunterdon website

Anyone interested in attending the May 7th event with Wendy Steele at Roman Jewelers is asked to RSVP to Binnacle House CEO, Lawrence Brooks, at

Impact100 Hunterdon is hosted by the Binnacle House Community Foundation who invites everyone to join this incredible effort to impact our community. More information is available at the Impact100 Hunterdon website

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