Love (and Wear!) Your Engagement Ring Again

By: Admin

White gold and yellow gold engagement rings Love your Ring again after Roman Jewelers Restyling Event We are always surprised to hear from friends and customers that they are no longer wearing their engagement rings because they feel they are outdated!. Love your ring again by remounting it into a new setting at our Annual Ring Restyling Event this Thursday - Saturday!There are several reasons women no longer wear and love their diamond jewelry, including just not liking it because it is outdated. Whether it is the cut, the color metal or even the size of the diamond, women are choosing to leave their rings in their jewelry box instead of enjoying them. This is why we’ve created this Annual Event.  During this one a year event, receive 20% off of select mountings, Interest Free Financing, and best of all--a large selection of hundreds of rings!

Remounting your existing diamond ring gives it new life so that you will love and wear it again. Updating your setting, also protects your diamond which may currently be in an older setting with worn prongs and gold. Now, is the time.

You may even choose to create a new custom piece. Maybe you want to use several heirloom pieces or stones from other jewelry or design something meaningful to commemorate an anniversary or life event.

You still love him! Why not love your ring?

For appointments, call either Flemington (908) 782-8240 or Bridgewater (908) 575-1242.