Ring in Another Year: The Symbolism Behind Anniversary Bands

Ring In Another Year: The Symbolism Behind Anniversary Bands


By: Guest Blogger, Ari Lopatin

Jan 12,2024

Is your anniversary approaching and you're considering a meaningful way to mark the occasion? If you answered "yes, I need help!" in your head while reading, then you have definitely come to the right place. 


Anniversary rings are a great gift to celebrate important milestones in a couple's relationship. While to the untrained eye, these bands may appear to be just another piece of jewelry, they really contain a plethora of symbolism and significance. Do I have you interested? Great, let's keep going... 

Today, we'll look at the details that make anniversary rings not just a jewelry gift, but a testament of lifelong love and dedication. Get ready to learn about the history, symbolism, and customization possibilities available with these rings, which allow couples to wear their love stories on their fingers. How cool is that! 

The History of Anniversary Bands: A Journey Through Time and Meaning 

White gold anniversary band with 2 pave set rows of diamonds


The tradition of gifting anniversary rings has been woven into the fabric of human relationships for centuries. Far from being a recent invention, these bands have evolved, with each era adding new levels of significance and innovative design. 

With beginnings dating back to ancient civilizations, these bands have cultural, emotional, and historical importance, converting them from pieces of precious metal into the valued emblems of love and devotion we know today. 

From Ancient Traditions to Modern Interpretations 

Rings have been used to represent commitment since prehistoric times. In ancient Egypt, our forefathers exchanged rings made of various materials, including leather and braided hemp, as a symbol of love. 

In Roman times, rings made of more robust materials, such as iron, represented strength and durability. Gold and other precious metals were increasingly popular as mankind proceeded into the Medieval period and beyond, expressing not just love but also wealth and social standing. 

Moving right along into the Victorian era, designs featuring romantic themes like hearts and flowers were extremely fashionable. Modern anniversary bands today range from simple and sleek to intricate and extravagant, each providing a blank canvas for couples to portray their own love story. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving! 

A Symbol for All 

White gold twist-style anniversary band with diamonds


While anniversary rings were originally available to people of higher social or economic status (i.e. the Jeff Bezos or Elon Musks of the time), they're now available to people from all walks of life. This speaks volumes about the power of these rings, emphasizing these emotions can be represented in a way that's universal, spanning class, race, and nationality differences. 

More than just a Trend 

Regardless of design or substance, one thing has remained consistent: anniversary rings serve as a deep-rooted symbol of undying love and fidelity. Anniversary rings have a long and beautiful history, but at their core, they tell a single, consistent story: your story of love and loyalty. 

Whether you're selecting a classic design that's stood the test of time or a modern design that represents your unique story, anniversary rings can connect you to a tradition that has honored love across centuries, civilizations and millions of lovebirds. 

Why Rings? Understanding the Circle Symbolism 

Ever wondered why rings aren't in the shape of triangles or squares? Aside from the fact that they sound painfully uncomfortable, there is power in the shape we have come to know as....yes you guessed it, the circle! 

The circle, having no beginning or end, is an old symbol of eternity. This unending loop nicely portrays the notion of enduring love, and anniversary rings signify just that. Circles have meaning in many cultures and faiths, and are generally connected with completion and unity—two qualities that are necessary in a long-lasting partnership. It's kind of like building a house on a foundation of only toothpicks. Without the necessary foundation, the house (or relationship) simply won't last! 

Metal Matters: The Symbolism in Choice of Metal 

Wide white gold anniversary band with emerald cut diamonds surrounded by pave set round diamonds

Choosing the type of metal for your anniversary band isn't just about the metal color; it's a representation of the nuances that define your unique relationship. Each metal, be it gold, silver, platinum, or a mix, brings with it an array of meanings that can add depth to the meaning behind your jewelry. 

The 'Gold' Standard of Tradition and Purity 

Yellow gold patterned anniversary band with round diamonds
If you didn't grasp my pun in the headline...we are talking about the almighty metal, gold! 

Gold has traditionally been the material for wedding and anniversary rings. The deep yellow color of yellow gold is commonly linked with success and luxury, but it also represents purity and an everlasting relationship. Gold, unlike silver, does not tarnish, making it an ideal metaphor for enduring love. Choosing a yellow gold band indicates a desire for stability, unchanging love, and a bond that remains pure year after year. Whether you choose yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold, your ring will last you a lifetime. Bottom Line: When it comes to choosing the metal type gold remains a classic option, symbolizing purity, richness, and a timeless bond between partners. 

Silver: The Modern Shine of Potential and Growth 

Silver is a contemporary, elegant alternative to gold. Just keep in mind that silver is a very soft metal, which means silver is prone to scratches and dents. Because of the metal softness, the ring, most likely, will lose its shape over time. 

While gold represents history, sterling silver is a more casual, malleable metal. It represents the possibility of progress within the relationship. A silver band shines delicately, and symbolizes the possibility for comfort, caring, and nurturing in a relationship. 

Platinum: The Lasting Endurance of Rare Love 

Interested in one of the most durable metals for your anniversary ring? Platinum is a very dense, durable metal. This makes platinum an appropriate choice for couples who want to represent a love that is powerful enough to weather all of life's obstacles. Its natural white sheen is also less likely to fade or change color over time, representing a constant love. By choosing platinum, you acknowledge the rarity of discovering your ideal match and celebrate the enduring strength that keeps you together. 

Mixed Metals: The Rich Tapestry of a Complex Relationship 

White and rose gold twist-style anniversary band with round diamonds


Sometimes, people find it difficult to choose just one metal for their anniversary ring. How about mixing several metals? The choice of two or even three metals might convey the balance of keeping a relationship harmonious. Perhaps the gold represents the traditions you uphold, and the platinum the eternal power of your bond. Mixed metals can represent how love, like metal, can be soft yet powerful, flexible yet long-lasting. It acknowledges the complex and diverse nature of love, as well as the different qualities that lead to a successful, long-lasting relationship. What about using the yellow gold, combined with white gold, and with rose gold? By allowing all three gold colors to shine together in the ring indicates the different levels of your love for one another. It's like a 7-layer of cake of love! How romantic! 

The metal you choose for your anniversary ring is a significant decision that can express the core of your relationship, not just a question of color, taste, or budget. Whether you select gold's traditional beauty, silver's modern shine, platinum's remarkable durability, or a rich mix of many metals, you're making a statement about your and your partner's unique love story. 

The Gemstone Story: Diamonds and Beyond 

White gold anniversary band with baguette cut diamonds channel set halfway around


When selecting an anniversary ring, the gemstones—or lack thereof—can reveal layers of meaning about your relationship. The jewel you pick conveys its own love story, whether it's a stunning diamond, a meaningful birthstone, or the polished simplicity of a ring without any stones. 

Diamonds: The Everlasting Light of Love in a Diamond Anniversary Band 

Because of its durability, the diamond has become a near-universal emblem of eternal love, purity, and invincibility. Diamonds, formed out of carbon deep under the crust of the Earth under high heat and pressure, figuratively represent a partnership that has been through life's ups and downs, emerging stronger and more brilliant despite immense pressure (literally, in the case of a diamond). A diamond anniversary band goes back to that age old cliché, "diamonds are forever". Diamonds represent a love that is not just lasting but also shines with brilliance. Diamond anniversary rings featuring brilliant diamonds are more than just beautiful; they embody the spirit of an everlasting bond, one that remains unbroken and pure across time. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that, like with engagement rings, lab created diamonds can be used in a diamond anniversary ring. Lab created diamonds have he same physical characteristics as a natural diamond. Because the ultimate objective is for your vision of love to take shape within your anniversary band, if lab created diamonds help you in creating the perfect anniversary ring, then all the better! 

The choice of natural or lab created diamonds is completely yours. Your anniversary ring will be a perfect diamond anniversary band with any diamonds you select. 

Other Gemstones: A Spectrum of Sentiments 

White gold anniversary band with cushion cut sapphires in halos of round diamonds


While diamonds are a conventional option, other gemstones allow you to personalize anniversary rings. Choosing a birthstone, for example, may make the ring feel extremely sentimental as it represents the month you came into this world and graced us with your presence. Or, let's say, you got married in September and are selecting a wedding anniversary ring. The September birthstone stone is a sapphire. Well, your family was born on the day you got married. A blue sapphire may signify the depth of feeling and will always remind you of that special day when you and your spouse said "I do". 

Other gemstones in an anniversary band, such as rubies and emeralds, are excellent choices, as well. Say you chose an anniversary ring with rubies. Rubies signify health, wealth, wisdom, and success in love. Ruby is also a symbol of passion and love. An anniversary ring with rubies makes an ideal romantic gift. 

The choice of colored stones allows you to create a ring reflecting the many colors that make your love story even more personal. 

No Stones, No Problem: The Beauty in Simplicity 

A ring without gems has a certain force about it. Its simplicity speaks volumes, signifying a simple, real affection. For some, a simple band indicates a true connection that does not require outward frills to show its worth. The lack of stones can also call attention to the circle, the never-ending loop that is the ring itself, underlining the idea that your love, in its purest form, is forever. 

The gemstones—or lack thereof—within your anniversary ring might be a strong sign of the unique characteristics of your relationship. Whether you choose the eternal shine of a diamond (natural diamonds or a lab-created diamond), the personal touch of a birthstone, or the quiet strength of a ring without any stones, each option allows you to convey something unique and special about your love and the trip you've you're on together. 

How Many Stones? Symbolism in the Numbers 

White gold V-shaped band with a marquise diamond in the center and round diamonds along the band


When selecting an anniversary band, the number of stones you choose can offer yet another layer of symbolism, amplifying the meaning behind this already significant piece of jewelry. 

Single Stone: 

A single gemstone emphasizes a one-of-a-kind love between two people. This focus on a single stone can signify that in a world full of people and possibilities, the love you have for each other stands alone in its importance and significance. 

Multiple Stones: 

A band featuring multiple stones can represent the numerous milestones and memories you've shared. Each stone might stand for a significant event or a cherished moment, offering a beautiful collage of your life together in a single, elegant piece. 

Eternity Bands: 

An eternity band, featuring a continuous loop of stones going all the way around the ring, symbolizes, as the name suggests, unending love and devotion. It’s a powerful representation of a love that is constant and eternal, with no beginning and no end, much like the circle the stones create. 

The Symbolism of the Three-Stone Ring 

Three-stone diamond engagement rings aren't just a sparkling piece of jewelry; they're a symbol filled with deep meaning and tradition. 

This is possibly the most symbolic reason that a couple would select a this as their choice of wedding ring. 

As an eloquent representation of a couple's past, present, and future, each of the three precious stones carries a specific sentiment, making it one of the most romantic choices for an engagement ring. 

The first stone, usually placed on the left, symbolizes the past—the history that the couple shared with one another. 

It stands as a testament to the journey that has led them to this monumental moment in their lives, capturing all the laughter, the shared experiences, and even the challenges they have faced together. It's a salute to each couple's unique love story that has paved the way for the commitment they are about to make to one another. 

The center stone represents the present, the current moment when the loving couple decides to join their lives. 

It’s the largest of the three stones, often capturing the most attention, much like how the present is a culmination of what was and serves as the platform for what the happy couple will build upon. The center stone reflects the powerful commitment and the daily love that sustains any healthy relationship. 

Lastly, the third stone symbolizes the future—the dreams, possibilities, and the new experiences the couple will share. 

It’s an optimistic nod towards a shared life, full of adventures and milestones, constantly reminding the happy couple that the best is yet to come. 

The three-stone engagement ring beautifully embodies a love that is rich in history, alive in the present, and hopeful for the future. It's not just a ring; it's a narrative of enduring love. 

Understanding the symbolism behind the number of stones can help you choose an anniversary band that's rich in meaning, making the piece even more special and intimate. 

Placement and Positioning: Where You Wear It Counts 

White gold halo style anniversary band


The way you wear your anniversary band can add another dimension to its symbolism, whether it's the choice of hand, the decision to stack it with other rings, wearing it in the front or back of your engagement ring, or wearing your anniversary band on a hand opposite from the hand where you wear your engagement or wedding ring. Let's take a closer look, shall we? 

Right Hand vs. Left Hand: 

The choice of which hand to wear your anniversary band on can carry both personal and cultural significance. In Western cultures, the left hand is traditionally reserved for engagement and wedding rings, but some cultures use the right hand for marital rings. 

Ring Stacking: 

Have you ever seen a menu image icon on a website? Those three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other that helps you navigate through your favorite websites? Well...in similar fashion, some people choose to add an anniversary band to their existing stack of engagement and wedding bands. This layering can symbolize the layers of experience and time, effectively building upon your relationship and enriching your story. 

Separate Hand: 

Wearing the anniversary band on a different hand than your engagement or wedding ring might represent a distinct, stand-alone component of your relationship. This might reflect a unique yet complimentary facet of your life or love, such as personal progress or a mutual objective you've achieved together. The location of your anniversary band may make a subtle but strong statement about the nuances of your relationship and the emotional meaning that the ring represents for you both. 

Personalization: Making it Your Own 

Stack of 3 white gold channel set anniversary bands, 2 with round sapphires and 1 with round diamonds


Aside from the kind of metal, gemstone(s), and quantity of stones, another method to add significance to your anniversary ring is through personalization. This includes... 


Adding special dates or phrases to your anniversary band can make the piece uniquely yours. These engravings serve as private messages that only the two of you understand, capturing a moment, a feeling, or even an inside joke that adds a layer of intimacy to the piece. 

Custom Designs: 

Opting for a custom-designed band allows you to tailor it to tell your own individual love story. Whether it's a design that incorporates elements of places or experiences meaningful to both of you, or perhaps even a motif or style that has personal significance, a custom design ensures that your ring is like no other, a unique piece. 

Choosing Together: 

Selecting an anniversary ring as a couple may lend another dimension of significance to the piece. This joint process of choosing something as significant as an anniversary ring to symbolize your union may strengthen your bond and reinforce the significance of the ring itself. It elevates the band's emotional weight by turning the procedure into a treasured memory. 

Personalization lets you integrate elements that resonate uniquely with your relationship, converting a beautiful piece of jewelry into a deeply personal emblem of your feelings towards one another. 

Practical Tips for Choosing an Anniversary Band 

White gold geometric anniversary band with alternating baguette and round diamonds


Choosing the perfect anniversary band is not just an emotional journey; it also involves practical decisions that ensure the band is not only beautiful, but also functional. 


Finding the balance between sentimental value and practicality is crucial. While it's tempting to splurge on a luxurious piece, remember that the true value of the band lies in its emotional significance, not its price tag. 

Sizing and Comfort: 

Rose gold thin eternity style anniversary band with round diamonds


It's crucial that the band fits comfortably, especially if it's going to be worn daily. Consider visiting a jeweler for professional sizing, and think about the width and weight of the band to ensure long-term comfort. 

White gold anniversary band with 5 large round diamonds


Where to Buy: 

Choose a reputable jewelry store that offers not only a wide variety of anniversary rings but also customization options and quality guarantees. This ensures that you’re investing in a piece that’s both unique to your relationship and built to last. In other words, look for a store that offers not only the quantity of rings available to choose from, but also pays close attention to the quality of the items they carry. A custom anniversary band, while it most likely wont be ready for same day delivery, will undoubtedly have your emotion and heart imbedded within. 

Pro Tip: For those looking to feel the weight and see the sparkle up close, nothing compares to the selection you'll find in store at a reputable jeweler. 

By taking these ideas into consideration, you’ll be well on your way to choosing an anniversary band that truly resonates with your love story, while also being a gift for a lifetime. 

An anniversary ring is more than a simply lovely piece of jewelry. They commemorate the years you have been together and the love you share. They are profoundly symbolic of a couple's journey together. Whether it's the type of metal, the gemstones used, or the number of stones, each detail is important. Choose a band that speaks to you and your unique love story. 

To learn more about anniversary bands, CLICK HERE to set up an appointment with a Jewelry Consultant. Anniversary bands aside, we would love nothing more than to help you choose the piece of your (or your loved one's) dreams!