Tips To Check Your Ring Prongs...or Stop Into Roman Jewelers

Jewelry Education

By: Admin

Feb 19,2019

l-ISeIKwJewelry is meant to be enjoyed and loved! That’s why so many of us wear our jewelry every day.  When you love your jewelry this much, it is much more is subject to wear and tear, and every time you bump, rub or scratch your jewelry you may be causing some harm. This happens mostly with rings…especially engagement rings.

At Roman Jewelers, we strongly encourage our clients to bring their rings into the store every six months or so, to allow us to check the prongs to insure they are wearing properly. We will also clean your jewelry while you wait, which always results in the same, “Wow!” reaction from our customers.

There are a few things that you can do at home periodically to check to see if your center stone is loose, and if the prongs are worn.

Tap-Test: Hold the ring up by your ear and gently tap anywhere on the setting. Typically if the stones are loose, you will hear the stone rattle.

Rub-Test: Run your fingertip across the top of the prongs. Do they feel sharp? Does one of the prongs feel different than the others? If so, you should bring your ring in for professional inspection.

Visual Inspection:Look closely at your prongs. Do any of them have a lot of fibers caught beneath them? Do they catch on sweaters or other clothing? If so it could be an indication that one of the prongs has lifted off of the stone.

We have jewelers on site full-time, so if you are in doubt, please stop in and speak with our experts at Roman Jewelers.