Tom And Diana’s #GreatEngagement Story (and Video)

By: Admin

Feb 24,2016

Tom and Diana in a forest, holding up a sign that reads "I said yes" Congrats to Tom & Diana on their #GreatEngagement While both attending class at Montclair State University, Tom and Diana struck up a conversation that would be the first of many that led to their unforgettable engagement. Here's #GreatEngagement story in Tom's own words... You always hear that people meet their significant other in their college years and I was always to believe that it was just a tale, until it had happened to me. It was my last year at Montclair State University and as always in every class you would scan the room to see if there is someone cute in the room. Well I definitely found a girl that was cute but we would think they are out of reach and they are just someone good to look at. Little did I know this one girl would change my life. It all started with the words “This teacher is crazy!” Little did we know from those four letter words they grew into us talking to each other till 3 in the morning through Facebook. From that moment on we created memories through the year and a half, from going to movies to family events. Every family event we went to she would always want to dance but it wasn't just any ordinary dancing-- it was Salsa. Now me being Chinese and her being Puerto Rican, Chinese people just don’t have the moves like that we need to practice, it just doesn’t come naturally to us like Puerto Ricans. So I would always give her the answer, “This China man can’t do those moves but one day I would make your mouth drop.” I wanted to do something epic for my future fiancé, something that she would never forget, something that she has never seen before on those Youtube proposal videos. So I thought long and hard and it finally dawn on me as to how I was going to propose, I wanted to make her mouth drop. I started taking Salsa dancing lessons for two months straight, hired a photographer/videographer to capture our moment. I then asked a Cuban restaurant, Havana Central, if I was able to do a proposal in their restaurant and they happily wanted to help. They gave me some insight on events they are having as well live bands, which could help play a role in my proposal. Now everything was in motion, I was getting my Salsa moves down as the weeks went by and made sure everything was in order. A few days before the proposal I had asked her parents to meet me at a local shop where I secretly film the parents blessing. Of course I got their blessing and then came the hardest part of all, finding that right outfit for each of us to wear on our big day. I had told her to wear something nice as we were going out to celebrate my best friends birthday, which had just passed. As she told me what she was going to wear it dawns on me that she will have a hard time dancing in. Now I am just saying you know it is love when you go with your future fiancé to the mall/everywhere else for about 5 or so hours looking for an outfit that she basically said NO to. We finally found an outfit with some help from some employees. The day has finally came October 25, 2015, we were on our way to Havana Central ready to meet my friends for what seemed like a birthday party but little did she know it was all for her. As we arrived we all made our rounds of hugs and kisses before we were brought to our table. As we sat I excused myself to the bathroom so my camera guy could wire me up with a microphone. As I headed back to the table a dance school stopped at our table and presented us with a flyer for a free demo class in the restaurant. Most of us had decided to do it so we went up for the demo, at this time I had Facetime her friend from Hawaii in to watch the proposal. The instructor started to go through the basic steps and as I was dancing with my future fiancé, I was pretending to stumble a bit. The instructor saw me having a bit of trouble doing the basics so she cut in to help me. As we went through the basics my future fiancé had seen that I wasn’t struggling as much, I was moving smoother. Then with a blink of an eye I was doing more than the basics steps that was shown to us and my fiancé couldn’t believe what she was see. She was seeing me dance salsa. I did a few twists and turns with the instructor before I spun her away and pulled in my fiancé to dance salsa with me, she couldn’t believe it. I had stunned her so much that she was forgetting the moves. With a few more twist and turns the song by Christina Perri, A Thousand Years came on and I had my instructor pass me the ring box, behind my back, that was in the shape of the book from the movie UP, saying Our Adventure Book on the cover. As I received the box I was telling her how much I love her and I went down on one knee and asked her to marry me. Inside it I had written, “Our Adventure Begins Here…. October 25, 2015.” After she had said YES I surprised her again by showing her friend through Facetime. The ultimate surprise of all after everything was having her turn around to see her family and friends along with the rest of my family and friends there. I had requested the restaurant to hide them in a back room until I went down to propose to her. Best part of it all is now I am going to be marrying my best friend as well as having our own Youtube proposal now to show the world….